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(?)Installed on a Secondary SCSI HD: Lilo Stops at LI

From Rick V Smith on 9 Jun 1998

(?)I have installed linux on my second scsi drive the swap on a small partition on my first scsi. and lilo on a big mbr for my win 95. the start of linux went well but when I shut down and went to restart all that happens is Li and the system hang's

Any Idea's.
Thank's Rick

(!)I don't know what you mean by "and like on a big mbr" --- all MBR's (master boot records) are the same size on PC's --- one sector!

It sounds like your BIOS can't "see" the 2nd SCSI drive -- so Lilo can't "see" it either. The easiest solution would be to install LOADLIN into a DOS/Win '96 directory --- with a copy of your kernel(s). The kernel doesn't rely on the BIOS to access your drives (since it provide 32 bit native drivers for your SCSI card --- etc) so it will find its root filesystem with no problem.

Another think to try is to add the "linear" switch to your /etc/lilo.conf --- and then rebuild the boot block and boot map using the /sbin/lilo command. Read the lilo man pages and/or look at the lilo "user" and "tech" .dvi files using xdvi (under X Windows) for details.

There may be other settings that you'll have to tweak to get it working. This is particularly true if you have a large SCSI drive (my guess is that your second drive is bigger than 2 Gb -- and your first one isn't). Look in the CMOS/Setup settings (or whatever your SCSI card provides) for things that suggest that it is doing something "fun" to make the large drive "DOS compatible").


(?)I found the following line you wrote in a responce to someone else and this cured my hair loss problem, that probably worked better than Rogain. Thank's for the time and insight.

# The stanza for booting Linux.
image = /vmlinuz                       # The kernel is in /vmlinuz
label = linux                          # Give it the name "linux"
root = /dev/hda2                       # Use /dev/hda2 as the root
vga = ask                              # Prompt for VGA mode
append = "aha152x=0x340,11,7,1"
                                       # Add this to the boot options,
                                       # for detecting the SCSI controller

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