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(?)Co-ordinating diald and Manual PPP

From Keith Weisz on 30 Apr 1998

Mr. Dennis,
I set my Linux box up using the diald daemon for such things as fetchmail, multi-machine internet access, etc. Works good.

However I want to set up a standard PPP connection without demand dialing. pppd fails unless I kill diald.

Do I:

  1. Write a script to kill diald during the initiation of PPP, then write a script to reinitialize diald on PPP shutdown?
  2. Figure out how to make PPP and diald work together?
  3. Find a trick that I haven't had the patience to track down?

Any suggestions?
Keith Weisz

(!) Keith,

I use option number 1. -- just write a script that does the kill for you (something like:
kill $(cat /var/run/diald.pid)
Should kill it for you. (... where $() is the same as `` in bash or Korn shell).

Another alternative might be to define separate runlevels for diald mode and "manual" pppd mode. That would only be appropriate if you were using init to respawn diald (adding an appropriate line to the /etc/inittab file).

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Published in Linux Gazette Issue 29 June 1998

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