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About This Month's Authors

Randy Appleton

Randy Appleton is a new professor in the Math and Computer Science department of Northern Michigan University. He typically teaches the higher lever C.S. classes, especially the operating systems classes. He has two dogs, two cats and speaks a small amount of German. He likes to SCUBA dive and has his very own pilots license.

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives on a small farm in northern Missouri, where he is currently engaged in building a timber-frame house for his family. He operates a portable band-saw mill, does general woodworking, plays the fiddle and searches for rare prairie plants, as well as growing shiitake mushrooms. He is also struggling with configuring a Usenet news server for his local ISP.

Gerd Bavendiek

Gerd has worked as a software engineer with various flavors of Unix since 1988. In 1994 he realized that using Linux could make his every-day work more convenient. Since that time he has used Linux and various GNU-software. He lives in Essen, Germany. In his spare time he builds model-steam engines using real hardware: lathe, milling-machine and a lot of hand tools.

John Daily

John Daily works for BBN (or is that GTE?) as a systems administrator/software engineer. He spends far too much time in front of computers, but when he's not, he prefers to be outside riding his new bicycle, or otherwise exploring New England.

Jim Dennis

Jim Dennis is the proprietor of Starshine Technical Services. His professional experience includes work in the technical support, quality assurance, and information services (MIS) departments of software companies like Quarterdeck, Symantec/ Peter Norton Group, and McAfee Associates -- as well as positions (field service rep) with smaller VAR's. He's been using Linux since version 0.99p10 and is an active participant on an ever-changing list of mailing lists and newsgroups. He's just started collaborating on the 2nd Edition for a book on Unix systems administration. Jim is an avid science fiction fan -- and was married at the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim.

Bill Duncan

Bill has worked with Unix systems since the early Version 7 days on PDP-11's. He worked with Xenix hroughout most of the eighties and has also worked with many other flavors of Unix over the years, but his operating system of choice is now Linux. When not working or fiddling with his four Linux systems at home (which is rare), he might have some time left over for his other hobbies: his dog (Daisy), photography and Amateur Radio. He can be reached at

John Fisk

John Fisk is most noteworthy as the former editor of the Linux Gazette. After three years as a General Surgery resident and Research Fellow at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, John decided to ":hang up the stethoscope":, and pursue a career in Medical Information Management. He's currently a full time student at the Middle Tennessee State University and hopes to complete a graduate degree in Computer Science before entering a Medical Informatics Fellowship. In his dwindling free time he and his wife Faith enjoy hiking and camping in Tennessee's beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. He has been an avid Linux fan, since his first Slackware 2.0.0 installation a year and a half ago.

Sam Trenholme

Sam Trenholme has been using Linux since June 19, 1995. He sees Linux as a very powerful tool for communicating and maintaining connections with people. His goal is to eventually obtain a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Not Linux

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites.

My assistant, Amy Kukuk, did all the work again this month. She's so good to me. Thank you, Amy.

Our beautiful new logo was designed by our very own Graphics Muse, Michael J. Hammel. (He used The Gimp.) Thanks, Michael.

Well, this is the last issue that Amy and I will be working on. We are turning over the editorship to Viki Navrotilova. Here's a bit about Viki:

Viktorie Navratilova has been using Linux for the past 4 years, and has been active in both the Israeli and Chicago Linux Users' Groups. She started using Linux because of its network capabilities, and then stayed for the compilers.

I know Viki will have as much fun as we have and do a wonderful job. Show your support and send her lots of articles.

LG will remain under the guardianship of Linux Journal and neither the web address or e-mail address will change. Articles from LG will continue to appear in LJ.

Have fun! Bye-Bye!

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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