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Help Wanted -- Article Ideas

 Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 22:30:26 -0700
From: Wood Ellis woodswrk@erols.com
Subject: Newbie Needs More Definitive Article on Parallel Port Tape Drives

The various leads which can be followed from the parport home page tend to indicate that it's just not worth all the hassle to try to operate a tape on the parallel port, unless you are an expert and maybe want to program it yourself. I just cannot believe that it is that difficult.

I would appreciate it if you were to provide an article which, in simple, newbie language, tells how to do it. The article should include definitive solutions for every brand of parallel port tape drive which is commonly available. Mine is an HP-1000 travan-1. My system is Redhat 4.1. One can imagine that some linux devotees enjoy the abstruseness of things new and difficult and exclusive. Contrary to that viewpoint, I believe that we all should strive to make linux easier and more available to the relatively uninformed. Probably you share my feeling. That's as close as I can come to a flaming request right now. I really appreciate all the good stuff in the Gazette.

Thank you,

 Date: Sun Jul 6 16:35:46 1997
From: Takkala, takkala@highstar.com
Subject: Please help me....

Recently, ever since I upgraded to Slackware 3.2/Redhat 4.1, I have noticed that my modem has been behaving rather erratically. My modem is a Motorola ModemSurfr 28.8. Now, when I type 'ppp-on' to initiate a ppp session, many times, the modems TR led lights up, and then nothing happens, until the computer times out 45 seconds later and aborts the ppp session. Normally, when I type 'ppp-on' the modem almost immediately begins dialing up my isp, and connecting, but most of the time, it would just sit there, until I killed the process and tried again, it may take up to twelve or more tries for the modem to dial, but sometimes it will dial on the first try. This erratic behavior only began occurring (from what I can tell, I'm not sure) ever since I upgraded to redhat 4.1, and now slackware 3.2. My modem does work fine in windows 95, and also if I use DIP, or minicom to try and connect. So I was wondering if this may be a timing error somewhere in the ppp-on script. Has anyone else had similar problems? I myself tried tweaking some of the abort timeouts, but that didn't help.

Someone please help me! Thanks for any help suggestions...

 Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 01:00:35 -0700
From: Paul M., pmarcano@saltspring.com
Subject: Deluxe Paint IIe

Don't mean to come out of the blue but... I was searching the net for some reference to Deluxe Paint IIe for the PC and ended up here... Can you send me any information you can about how I might get a hold of a copy of this program which I assume is discontinued. I come from an Amiga background and still feel there are some redeeming features to this program that I would like to use on my PC...

Thanks for any information you can impart!

Paul Marcano

 Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 16:57:33 -0300
From: Annette Sahores annette@invap.com.ar
Subject: Problem with adaptec 2940U

I'm trying to install linux red hat 2.0.x in a machine with an Adaptec 2940U host adapter an a scsi external 4x cdrom. The problem is that the bootdisk does not recognize the host adapter, so I can't set the linux and swap partitions. may be the problem is that the driver aic7xxx is old and doesn't work whith the 2940 ultra.

Thank You
Annette Sahores

 Date: Tue, 15 Jul 97 15:01:00 PDT
From: Mark Mangolas mmango01@gsg.eds.com
Subject: Linux on a ThinkPad

I am writing this in hopes that you can help me with my Linux configuration. I have Linux Slackware 3.2 running on an IBM 760E Thinkpad and I can't get X to run properly. It scrunches the screen when I fire up X and then scrambles everything when I exit forcing me to reboot. I've tried almost all of the video cards, chipsets, etc. in XF86Setup and nothing helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated......thank you,

Mark Mangolas

 Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 15:01:49 -0400
From: Scott Fowler scorpi04@earthlink.net
Subject: Pnp Modem and mouse

Help I have a plug and pray modem and mouse, actually my mouse is a ps/2 mouse, will the program isapnptools fix all the pnp problems?

 Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 10:43:54 -0600
From: Doug Milligan, Red Hat Linux User doug@nwrks.com
Subject: Disk deferag?

I'm new to Linux, but like it very much having recently installed RedHat 4.2 via FTP. In looking through utility software I have not run accross any disk defragmentor programs nor have seen references to them in any Linux books that I have consulted. Is disk degragmentation not needed in maintaining a Linux file system?

Doug Milligan

 Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 18:58:20 +0200 (SAT)
From: Abraham vd Merwe ixion@ilink.nis.za
Subject: Chown Problem


You can make anybody the owner of your files right? At least that is w hat I always thought, but take a look at this:

% whoami
% cat /dev/null > ChownTest ; chmod 0777 ChownTest ; ls -l ChownTest
-rwxrwxrwx   1 ixion    users           0 Jul 19 18:10 ChownTest
% cat /etc/passwd | grep fakeuser
% chown fakeuser ChownTest
chown: ChownTest: Operation not permitted

I've tried it on various systems and it turns out that I can't make an ybody the owner of my files when I'm a user (root obviously can). Why? I'd b e very grateful if you can explain how to do it or if not possibly, at l east why I can't do it...


 Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:40:56 +0100
From: Emmet emmet@indigo.ie
Subject: Firewire and DV

I've nearly got my brother converted to Linux, except he's interested in using firewire cards and whatever software to edit video from a DV camera. After some web-searching, and a several sites, it seems that there are no firewire drivers or spiffy DV software for Linux.

Even worse, Adaptec, who manufacture what appears to be becoming a very popular card, are only supporting MS and Mac platforms. To add insult to injury, their FAQ, in response to a question about the possibility of drivers for Un*x, etc., contains the single word "No", no explanation or euphemisms, just "No".

At this point in time, horror of horrors, it looks like I'm going to wind up with my brother using NT. Frankly, I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother using NT. Check out Mitch Stone's excellent site at http://www.vcnet.com/bms for why.

Does anybody know different? Are there any plans afoot in this direction? Maybe somebody in a position of influence could lean on some firewire card manufacturers to make their driver software available for porting to Linux? Maybe the Linux community could email sales@adaptec.com or support@adaptec.com asking them to reconsider making drivers available?

Any information about the possibility of DV editing software or firewire drivers would be most appreciated. I'll help if I can.


 Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:24:44 -0500
From: Ben and Nick nbwbolen@bstream.com
Subject: cpu Speed

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get a listing of bogomites? bogomytes? on different cpu's and computers?
Thanks Ben

 Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:56:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jon Lewis jlewis@inorganix5.fdt.net
Subject: Linux Uptimes

Do you have any idea what the longest uptime on a linux system is? I have a system with over 14 months of uptime, and am wondering if its heading for some kind of record. I've been told that with the 1.2.x kernels, uptimes longer than about 16.4 months are thought to be impossible due to jiffy counter wrap.

 Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 19:12:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Greg Roelofs newt@pobox.com
Subject: Re: Changing video modes

A friend of mine wants to know how to change video modes without restarting X, and I noticed you say you can do that on your Linux page. How can this be done? (I'm using XFree86, he's using MkLinux)

Just changing *modes* is easy: use ctrl-alt-gray+ and ctrl-alt-gray- to cycle between the resolutions defined in your XF86Config file. I have the following defined:

Modes   "1280x1024" "1536x1152" "1600x1200" "640x480" "800x600" "1024x768"
To run multiple X servers is a little trickier, and I've been meaning to write up a Linux Gazette or Linux Journal article on that. Assuming you use startx instead of xdm, the basic trick is to do something like this:
startx -- :4 -bpp 32 &
My default (16-bit mode) command is this:
startx -- :1 -bpp 16 &
You can switch between them via ctrl-alt-F7 through F10, typically-- F1 through F6 tend to be normal text-mode Linux consoles.

It's really best to alias these things and make sure the screen numbers (:0 or :2 or whatever) don't collide; if they do, the second X server will "steal" the number from the first, and you won't be able to start any more windows or even restart the window manager under the first server.

The special 320x200 game mode is even more complicated, and I won't even try to explain that here. It can be done with a second XF86Config or with additional lines in the main one under some circumstances.

I don't know how AccelX and XiGraphics and MetroX handle these things.

-- Greg Roelofs

General Mail

 Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 10:27:46 -0700
From: James Gilb p27451@am371.geg.mot.com
Subject: *2+ Processing

Check out the Linux SMP page at http://www.uk.linux.org/SMP/title.html and get a new distribution. I think that SMP became part of the standard kernel at 2.0, so 2.0.?? might be a good choice (check out the SMP page, I think some patch levels are broken with respect to SMP).

If you are pretty good a Linux installs (and from the multiplicity of your OS's is sounds like you are), you could pick up a RedHat distribution for less than USD $10. I can't help you with availability in Sweden, but check out Caldera, RedHat, Craftworks, SuSE and Yggdrasil (sp?), I think most of them support SMP. If you need pointers to their web pages, try http://www.linuxmall.com, http://www.linux.org, or http://www.ssc.com (had to put a plug in for the sponsor of the excellent LG).

 Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 09:10:32 -0700
From: Robert Christ rchrist@mcis.washington.edu
Subject: Spam Counter Attack

In Linux Gazette #19 you say:
SPAM Counter Attack! If you'd like to have your voice heard regarding SPAM mail, why don't you consider writing a letter to your representative?

I would just like to add a counter point that I would prefer that my congress person not attempt to regulate any aspect of the net. I have the tools and skills to prevent spamming all by myself. Laws regulating behavior seems to set a dangerous precedent..

thanks for your time,

 Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 21:25:48 -0600 (MDT)
From: Michael J. Hammel mjhammel@csn.net
Subject: User-Level Driver For HP ScanJet 5p?
To: lersch@thene.informatik.uni-bonn.de

You asked about HP Scanjet 5P support in Linux. Check XVScan at http://tummy.com. It supports this scanner and is a commercial product.

If you're looking for drivers for other scanners check out my review of scanners in my Graphics Muse column in the March 1997 Linux Gazette (that is in issue 15) at http://www.ssc.com/lg.

Hope this helps.
Michael J. Hammel

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 21:21:08 -0600 (MDT)
To: smalenfant@cablevision.qc.ca
Subject: Problems with XFree86

You wrote to the Linux Gazette:

I'm a new user to Linux and the problem still XFree86! So then I tried to know want can I do to Linux community. In Issue #16, you said that the problem is not video card and is Monitor balancing. So why Windows 95 can have all these preset on monitor and Linux don't have? Why we can't use the stuff in the Microsoft Lib to transfer it into the database of XF86Setup or something like that. Cause that's real that the dotclock and all this is very scrambled! Why not just resolution and Virtual Refresh, that's all we need to know, the program could do the rest! We don't have to know what horizontal frequency and dotclock it is!

Answer: Xi Graphics AcceleratedX 3.1. It does pretty much what you're asking for here. See http://www.xi.com.

Michael J. Hammel

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 21:18:18 -0600 (MDT)
To: dmandel@transport.com
Subject: CD Burners, Scanners, Digital Cameras, etc.

You asked the following in the July Linux Gazette:

1.Will a Sony CDU926S burner work with xcdroast? Don't know about this one, but I may have to find out soon. I'd like to create a CD full of graphics tools, but I've never tried to do anything like this before. If I do find info I'll probably write it up in my Graphics Muse column in the Gazette.

2. What is a good, but cheap flatbed scanner to use? (Good means 24 bit color and >= 300dpi optical resolution.) What software (in Linux) supports the scanner?

Answer: Check my March 1997 Graphics Muse column. I did a review of the scanners currently supported (at that time). A good place to look (which is listed in that issue of the Muse) is the SANE Project.

3.I can't afford one, but... Are there any 35mm slide scanners on the market with Linux support?

Answer:I haven't seen any announced yet. I get info like this alot due to my work with Graphics Tools for Linux, but so far no one has pointed out any web pages or ftp sites for such drivers.

4.And as long as I'm asking dumb questions... Does Linux have support for any digital cameras yet?

Answer:Don't waste your money on these just yet, even if a driver exists (I haven't seen one of these either). Even the vendors have been saying this technology is too new and they haven't established the "rules of the game" for standards or formats. Many are using ordinary JPEG formats, but getting the data to your PC is variable and depends on the makers choice of protocols, connectors and so forth.

Hope this helps a little.

-- Michael J. Hammel

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 21:09:06 -0600 (MDT)
To: rpragana@acm.org
Subject: Interfacing Genius Color Page-CS Scanner

You asked about using your Genius Scanner with Linux. I don't know if a driver is available although in a survey of scanners I did for the Graphics Muse Column (March 1997, Issue 15) of the Linux Gazette there was info on the Genius GS-B105G, Genius GS4500 and probably the GS4000 and GS4500A. Also, there is work being done on generic scanner support for the GIMP and other Linux applications via the SANE project.

I suggest you either look for the author of the Genius scanners to see if support for your particular scanner is forthcoming (assuming yours is from the same manufacturer as his). You should also check with the SANE Project to see if they have any ideas. Both should have pointers on how to write drivers and get info the specs for that scanner if they don't already have it.

One other place to look is http://tummy.com. This is the site for XVScan, a front end to xv that primarily supports HP scanners. They can also write the driver for a fee. XVScan is a commercial product.

-- Michael J. Hammel

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 20:56:53 -0600 (MDT)
To: cricci@cpiprogetti.it
Subject: Matrox Mystique support

You wrote to the Linux Gazette:

Is there a chance to correctly configure a Matrox Mystique with 4MB RAM under X or I must throw away it ?

Answer: Xi Graphics AcceleratedX 3.1. I use it with my Matrox Mystique with 4MB RAM. There is a slightly annoying effect you'll see when moving windows (sort of like snow on a TV screen) but its minor and I hardly notice it anymore. They know about it and are working on a fix.

-- Michael J. Hammel

 Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:51:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ade Bellini AdeBellini@aol.com
Subject: Re: *2+ Processing Thank you for your interest and help, i am most pleased to have had so many helpful replies, this just goes to show how many friendly and informed readers the Linux gazette has (? blatant plug for the LG !). I am sorry this reply is in the form of a "shotgun" approach, but i really couldn't reply individually to so many, but to all of you that mailed me -- MANY THANKS. I have "solved" 1/2 the problem - i rebuilt the kernel ( to install sound blaster support) and some how (G-D knows how !) i can now run on *2 cpu but only drawing the affects of 1 !. tur i ur tur as they say in Sweden ! (luck in bad luck !!!). Again thanks for the help and keep on hacking !: Yours ade. Ade Bellini

 Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 12:24:41 -0700 (MST)
From: Joel Hardy deeng@nwcdh.inficad.com
Subject: Descent 3 for Linux?

Linux has always been the perfect platform for games, it's just very few developers (id and Crack.com are the only two worth mentioning that I know of) know that. Interplay and Parallax are developing the third game in their Descent series, and they're accepting ideas, so I think the Linux community should inform them of the benefits of supporting a Linux version. There have already been several (last estimate I heard was 90) people who have suggested that they support Linux, and they probably will if they're convinced enough people would buy it, so if you're interested in having the best DOS game ported to Linux, see http://www.interplay.com/descent/ideas and suggest Linux support.

-- Joel Hardy

Published in Linux Gazette Issue 20, August 1997

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