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About This Month's Authors

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives with his family on a small farm in Northeast Missouri; he is a woodworker, fiddler and general jack-of-all-trades.

John M. Fisk

John Fisk is most noteworthy as the former editor of the Linux Gazette. After three years as a General Surgery resident and Research Fellow at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, John decided to ":hang up the stethoscope":, and pursue a career in Medical Information Management. He's currently a full time student at the Middle Tennessee State University and hopes to complete a graduate degree in Computer Science before entering a Medical Informatics Fellowship. In his dwindling free time he and his wife Faith enjoy hiking and camping in Tennessee's beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. He has been an avid Linux fan, since his first Slackware 2.0.0 installation a year and a half ago.

Michael J. Hammel

Michael J. Hammel, is a transient software engineer with a background in everything from data communications to GUI development to Interactive Cable systems--all based in Unix. His interests outside of computers include 5K/10K races, skiing, Thai food and gardening. He suggests if you have any serious interest in finding out more about him, you visit his home pages at You'll find out more there than you really wanted to know.

Mike List

Mike List is a father of four teenagers, musician, printer (not laserjet), and recently reformed technophobe, who has been into computers since April,1996, and Linux since July.

Henry H. Lu

Henry H. Lu has a M.S. of Biophysics, University of Minnesota and a B.S. of Physics, Nankai University. He is currently working as contract bioinformatics analyst in HIV database of Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico USA, and has developed Java / HTML, C/C++, perl, shell applications and system tools for work (Solaris environment) at home Linux box or remote login to workstation at Lab. For fun, he likes to hack some of systems/networking programs, use Linux to learn on-line university courses (Operating systems / system programming, Network), and write Java/HTML for my own web page.

Marc Welz

Marc lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He thinks that it must be one of the most beautiful cites in the world. He should be working on his MSc, but tends to be distracted by Table Mountain, Linux or anything else.

Not Linux

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites.

Amy Kukuk was a great help this month, putting together News Bytes, More 2 Cent Tips and The Answer Guy. I'm going to be giving her more and more each month.

I've had a lot of fun going to see the "Star Wars" movies again. Space movies are so much more fun at a theater. I was amazed to discover that I can remember the first time I had seen each of them (theatre, company, etc.). I was pleased to see so many kids there enjoying the epic for the first time on a big screen. Riley and I had a lot of fun competing to see who recognized new scenes first (nudge, nudge). I thought they did a pretty smooth job of inserting the scenes without being annoyingly noticeable. I still have to wonder how the people of Tatooie kept the streets clean with dinosaurs as pack animals?

Have fun!

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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