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About This Month's Authors

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives on a small farm in northern Missouri, where he is currently engaged in building a timber-frame house for his family. He operates a portable band-saw mill, does general woodworking, plays the fiddle and searches for rare prairie plants, as well as growing shiitake mushrooms. He is also struggling with configuring a Usenet news server for his local ISP.

Michael J. Hammel

Michael J. Hammel, is a transient software engineer with a background in everything from data communications to GUI development to Interactive Cable systems--all based in Unix. His interests outside of computers include 5K/10K races, skiing, Thai food and gardening. He suggests if you have any serious interest in finding out more about him, you visit his home pages at You'll find out more there than you really wanted to know.

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal, and thereby Linux Gazette. As an employer, Phil is "Vicious, Evil, Mean, & Nasty, but kind of mellow" as a boss should be. He dreams of permanently tele-commuting from his home on the Pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula, where he lives with his Samoyed Suzie. Actually, right now Suzie is among the missing in Seattle. If you see her, please contact us ( Pictures of Suzie

Henry H. Lu

Henry H. Lu has a M.S. of Biophysics, University of Minnesota and a B.S. of Physics, Nankai University. He is currently working as contract bioinformatics analyst in HIV database of Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico USA, and has developed Java / HTML, C/C++, perl, shell applications and system tools for work (Solaris environment) at home Linux box or remote login to workstation at Lab. For fun, he likes to hack some of systems/networking programs, use Linux to learn on-line university courses (Operating systems / system programming, Network), and write Java/HTML for my own web page.

Manuel Soriano

Manual Soriano lives in El Perello, Valencia, Spain. He works for a Swiss based company called Dapsys S. A. that provides the Information Retrieval Imaging System called IRIS. He is now in Swizterland for a month--sounds like business not vacation. Think he gets hardship pay for this one? ;-) Manual has promised us an English translation of his article for the November issue.

Nic Tjirkalli

Nic Tjirkalli is currently employed as a Customer Consultant/Technical Support Person for UUNET Internet Africa, South Africa's leading Internet Service Provider, situated somewhere in Johannesburg, South Africa. One of his current focus areas is Internet security--encompassing firewalls and packet filtering on routers. He is a fan of Linux, the art of Salvador Dali, cartoons and heavy metal, in particular, a German group called Helloween. His home page, where I got this information and which you can access from his article, is very interesting.

Not Linux

I must say that after 2 months of being the Editor of the Gazette, I am still having fun, and judging from the mail I think you guys, our readers, are too. John Fisk is right--the Gazette is a lot of work, and worth every bit of it.

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites. I get more mail about mirrors than just about anything, except maybe readers wanting the Gazette to be available as one big file. We are providing that this month along with the separate page format. (See The Whole Damn Thing in the Table of Contents.) Doing the Gazette in multi-file format is just the easiest way for me to build the magazine. I've tried to be responsive to all mail and reasonable requests. If I missed you, send your mail again, and I'll get back to you.

The most important thing I'm working on outside of work these days is definitely "not Linux". I'm making a baby quilt for a friend of mine in Houston. The baby is 2 months old now, and if I don't get it finished soon, it will be too small for her to use. The geometry, as well the art, of quilting has always fascinated me--must have to do with being a math person.

If you would like some personal information about me, clicking on my name below will take you to my home page. It's not very jazzy at the moment, but I'm looking for the time to fix it up.

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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