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New Accounts and Payment Terms

We will ask you to complete a credit application form and provide credit references to open an account, giving terms of 30 days net. All other orders must be prepaid by credit card or check.


A 40% flat discount is available to bookstores and resellers, whilst distributors and higher volume resellers can obtain a higher discount level and improved credit terms. Please contact our sales office for details.

Shipping and Handling

For Eastern US, ground shipping is charged at $2.50 per order plus $0.50 per item. Shipping to Canada or US zip codes starting 8 or 9 are charged $3.00 per order plus $0.75 per item. Overseas orders are shipped Air Mail Parcel Post and charged at $12.00 per order plus $3 dollars per item. Upon request, we can ship using recipient’s preferred carrier and their own shipper number.


Returns are only valid with the original invoice number, within one year of the date of invoice. All customers will be notified at least 30 days in advance of a new edition release, customers then have 120 days from the date of this notification to return older editions. Accounts will be credited with the original value of sale of the items returned, but refunds will not be made. Return shipping cost is not covered.

Schools and Colleges

Examination copies for course adoption are available at 50% of list price. One desk copy is available free with orders of 10 copies or more of the title adopted for a course. All requests should be made on department letterhead and include a bookstore purchase order.


Promotional materials are available for certain titles. In addition, copies for review are available for both current and upcoming titles. Items such as T-shirts and hats can be provided for giveaway promotions or for resale. Please contact the sales office for more information.

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