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GNU Press publishes affordable books on computer science using freely distributable licenses. We are the publishing department of the Free Software Foundation, a non-profit organization. All our proceeds directly support the Free Software Foundation and Project GNU.

GNU Documentation is unique because of our attitude towards it. We believe the reader should be free to copy and redistribute it, just like our software. Originally, all our documentation was released under a short Copyleft license, or under the GNU General Public License (GPL) itself; in 2001 the Free Documentation License (FDL) Free Documentation License (FDL) was created to address certain needs that were not met by licenses originally designed for software. For more detailed information on our theory of free documentation, please see Richard Stallman's essay,“Free Software and Free Manuals.&rdquo

Our original mission was just printing manuals of GNU software programs. We are now expanding into the fields of general computer science and computer science philosophy as well. Our new “Philosophy of Software Freedom” series will examine the free software philosophy from a number of different angles, such as law, ethics, and business. We hope to bring the discussion into the mainstream, and show how the free software philosophy can be applied to seemingly unrelated fields, such as classical musical composition and art.

We welcome inquiries from potential authors, and are especially interested in working with computer science teachers to create more materials for classroom use.

Please help us write more documentation for Project GNU! New software packages are being written daily by this world-wide movement. For information on how to help, click here.

Please help us get our books into more bookstores. Expanding Bookstore Availability is an article written by a volunteer on how you can help to increase the distribution of GNU Press books where you live.


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