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The FSF always has a need for technical documentation writers. We have many programs that have yet to be properly documented or lack tutorials. Please consider joining the volunteer GNU Writing Movement. For more information, send email to <>.

Check the tasklist and help wanted lists at Savannah to which projects are currently seeking help with documentation.

GNU Press is also actively looking for books on general computer science, as well as potential manuscripts to develop into titles for our Philosophy of Software Freedom Series. PhD candidates and post-docs are encouraged to send in their thesis, or a proposal based on their thesis, for consideration for this series. If you are interested in being published by GNU Press, please send email to <>

Documentation Standards

The Free Software Foundation actively promotes the use and development of free software for documentation. Our preferred standard for documentation formatting is the simple but powerful language Texinfo; DocBook may also be used. Graphic Illustrations may be created in GIMP.

GNU Coding/Documentation Standards

A section from the GNU Project Information for Maintainers Manual

Texinfo Manual



The GNU Free Documentation License

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