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This page is a roughly designed working page for people actively involved in proofreading Using GCC. For a more complete introduction to GNU Press, please see our regular home page.

Instructions on How to Join the Project

Mailing List

Go to to sign up for the discussion mailing list.

Getting a Savannah Account

Our project is based in a CVS system hosted on Savannah. Project name is gnupress. The home page is

To join the project, you should register for a Savannah account by filling in the form. If your computer does not have the SSL security software standard installed, you will have some problems using the system. Check here for advice on how to fix this. There is also a General FAQs page with more user info.

Current Project Status - Tasks Needing Work

Currently we are in the process of proofreading Using GCC. James Morrisson has split the manuscript up into 20 sections and posted them to his web site. They are available for downloading at:

A complete tarball of the Texinfo sources is available as the file gcc.tar.bz2 in the directory

Please randomly select two of the 20 sections and proofread them. If you have time to do more, that's fantastic!

Once you are finished editing a portion, please send patches to the mailing list (bug-gnupress at gnu dot org), citing the section you edited and any corrections that need to be made. If you know Texinfo, please send patches in Texinfo format. If you don't know Texinfo, you can use standard errata notation such as:

p. 15, line 10: "...something up with which we will not put."
should read: "...something we will not put up with."

If you know how to use Texinfo:

Please make changes directly in Texinfo code and mail it to the discussion list (bug-gnupress at gnu dot org).

Simon Law wrote: A tarball of the sources I used to generate the PDFs is available at

You will need to have checked out the GNU Press CVS repository. I have checked mine into the ~/gnupress directory. In order to build a DVI of the manual: bash-2.05b$ texi2dvi -I ~/gnupress/texpress -I . -I include gcc.texi

To view the DVI: bash-2.05b$ xdvi -paper 7x9.25in gcc.dvi

To build the PDF from that, use: bash-2.05b$ dvipdf gcc.dvi

Vertical and Horizontal Space

Check for "overfull H Boxes" which are marked by a black solid rectangle at the end of a line.

Check for "underfull H Boxes" which are marked by strange sentence breaks before the end of the line has been reached.

For those who know Texinfo, please submit ways to shrink the vertical length of space that text uses when laid out. This has mostly been finished for this manual already, but any additional suggestions are welcome.

On-line resources for Documentation Standards

A draft version of a Style Guide for GNU Documentation [ PDF format | Texinfo format ]

The program GCC has it's own protocol manual. Please check for technical terminology standards specific to this manual.

Click Here for the section of the Free Software Foundation's general coding standards relating specifically to documentation.

Our preferred standard for documentation formatting is the simple but powerful language Texinfo. It is a front-end for Donald Knuth's TeX, like it's younger and more famous sibling, LaTeX. Click Here to see the on-line manual for Texinfo.

Richard M. Stallman’s Information for Maintainers Manual is not completely germane to this level of development, but technical editors might like to take a look at it.

General background: A copy of The Free Documentation License, which covers this manual.

Please send comments on these web pages to, send other questions to

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