GNU's Bulletins

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FSF Bulletins

FSF publishes a semi-annual FSF Bulletin. We hope that this new bulletin will help keep our donors and associate members informed in a new way, now that FSF's activities extend far beyond just the GNU project that we help sponsor. Electronic copies are available below at no cost. We request you to become a card-carrying associate member to avail the benefits and also to support the activities of the FSF.

GNU's Bulletins

GNU's Bulletin, volume 1, is no longer published. We hope to fulfill the news function on our website. Other functions will be fulfilled by the website in conjunction with some new paper publications: an introduction to The GNU Project (available from the FSF), a pamphlet of GNU Project Testimonials (available), a GNU catalog (coming soon), and more. Contact the FSF if you might distribute multiple copies.

The GNU's Bulletin, volume 1, was published by the Free Software Foundation in 24 semiannual numbers, 1986-1998. It contained a status report from and news about the GNU Project; news about other free software and documentation; information about FSF publications for sale; and other items likely to interest those who care about free software.

Electronic copies of numbers 3-24 are available here at no charge. Single copies of most numbers are available on paper; we suggest that you make a small donation.

If we publish a volume 2, that will certainly be announced to the email list (send the one-word message ``subscribe'') and to the gnUSENET newsgroup gnu.announce. Anyone interested in a particular program should consult the directory of all GNU email lists and newsgroups [50k characters].

These Japanese translations of the GNU's Bulletin are available: