Warning: hyperbolic english inside!

(NEW) Symbian 3nd supported :-)

VNC60 is a little python suite for Symbian phones.

It's main goal is  to interact with a LINUX box using
the phone's keyboard, via bluetooth. VNC60 allows  mouse's control and amarok's control (play, stop, volume control, etc),  being able, in the same time, to see the computer display on the phone.

Tested on the Nokia N70 phone (wS60 2nd-FP3)  and Nokia N95 (S60 3nd-FP1) with PyS60 v1.4.1 installed.

Suggestions (or  Windows support) are well accepted (email).


VNC60 uses code and/or suggestions from many, over Internet,
and expecially from the howto collection on the Nokia Developer Forum.


How to use


Please, choice your solution (SIS,TGZ,RPM,DEB) from here

(C) 2007 Michele Andreoli (ITALY)