PYFS python suite

Symbian Version 2nd and 3nd

PyFS is a multi-platform client/server suite for Python, that extends the Python shell with typical UNIX commands like cp, rm, ls, mkdir,vi etc, and much others,  such file-transfer commands (rx/tx), local and remote editors, webcam, motion-detection experiments, GPS tracking, etc.  I used pyfs intensively as developing-platform when writing code for my Nokia phone (you can find some other projects of mine here:

PyFS currently works on this hardware: Linux PC, Windows PC, Symbian 2nd Phones and (NEW) Symbian 3nd Phones.

PyFS is based on my multi-platform socket extension.

Being my english considerably fractured,  this  flash video should be better then any FAQ.



  • A Symbian S60 phone with bluetooth and python
  • A  PC (Linux or WinXP) with bluetooth  and python+pyBluez
I tested the software using a Nokia N70 (symbian 2nd FP3), Nokia n95 (symbian 3nd), with Python 1.4.1-final, Linux OpenSuse 10.2 and a Windows-XP laptop.

Installation istructions for Windows users.

If someone can help porting the client-part on MAC os, I can support him.
Please email  me.

Install and run

Basically, the suite is composed by a server part (called running on the phone, and a client part (called running on the PC, plus a pletora of python modules (,,,, etc) that should be present both in the phone and in the PC.

                   # 00:16:4E:D3:75:55 5

PC to PC link via TCP/IP using pyFS

You can use pyfs in order to connect two PC via ethernet. Example: if A is a Windows-XP  computer (acting as server, IP=  and
B a linux computer (acting as client), try that:

On the A side run:
On B side run:
A this point, you will have in B a (remote) shell prompt, and everthing will works like s telnet ot ssh session.
NB: in this example, 10 is the tcp port. You can change it as you like.

PC to PC link via Bluetooth using pyFS

Exactly like in the previous paragraph, but in the Windows-side you can run:

and on the Linux-side, you can run:
NB: in this example  00:16:4E:D3:75:55 is the bluetooth address of the Windows machine. You can obtain it in Linux running
commands like:

# hcitool scan

NB: the client and server role can be exchanged


You can find everything here

Other infos

Outdate (but more extensive) documentations  here.  To be REMOVED.
(C) 2006-2007 Michele Andreoli - Pisa, Italy