PSSC python suite

Symbian version 2nd and 3nd
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PSSC was the celebrated Physics Course. But in this context, PSSC stands for "Phone Screen Sequential Capture", my first attempt in python developing on the symbian platform.

Using PSSC, you can see the display of your Symbian S60 phone on a windows of your PC, running wxPython (Linux or MS-Window), with a bluetooth stack working.

Thanks to the incredible work of the Nokia Develpers Forum.

phone screen


  • A Symbian phone with python
  • A PC (Linux or MS-Windows) with bluetooth, python and wx-python
I tested the software using a Nokia N70 (symbian 2nd FP3), Nokia N95 (3nd) with Python 1.4.1-final and Linux OpenSuse 10.2.

Installation instructions for Windows users.


As alternative, you can install a SIS (version 2nd and version 3nd) package on the phone, and a linux/Windows package (at your choice) on the linux side.
You can find rpm, deb, tgz, zip  and sis packages here

SIS for 3nd version must be installed in C:, and not in E:
I don't know why, sorry.


(C) 2007-2008 Michele Andreoli - Pisa, Italy