From: Jbb

Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 15:57:53 +0000
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: mulinux

I would like to thank you for making mulinux.  I have had to get rid of
my AMD pc and i am left with only a humble DX50 with 32mb ram and 2
125mb HD's.  I tried using a few other "mini" distrobutions of linux as
i had immence problems trying to install M******** W****** on my
computer, but not one of them would install without major headaches (i
know next to nothing about linux).  Yours is not only the easiest to
install, it practically installs itself, it is also THE best.  How you
got X to run so smoothly on my old pc i'll never understand,but i thank
you for it, and for all the hard work you must have put in.

Yours Sincerely

Garry T Tucker

PS: Is it possible to install the XF86_SVGA server without installing
the NS1 and 2 add-ons, and 2) Will games made for say redhat or debian
or any other distro work on mulinux?  Once again thank you, and you are
a genius.

From: "Luc Drouin"

Subject: You're distro is absolutely amazing!
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 23:30:26 -0500

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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

I keep dowloading your distro once each year and I really impressed with =
your work.

Because of your mandate to keep it on one floppy, you've been forced to =
really pay attention to making the addons highly organized (keeping =
similar features in the same add-ons).  Therefore, your distrobution of =
Linux is probably the most organized one on the market.  I don't think =
the giant Linux distributors realize this yet!

Thanks for all your excellent hard work and commitment.  Because of it, =
I've not thrown away some perfectly usable older computers, so your =
technology is environmentally friendly too!

One of the places where your distro is important is where people give =
older computers to charities for the less fortunate.  These systems can =
be brought back to useful purpose for people who can't afford expensive =

Your work, therefore, is very important for those who can not afford to =
pay you.

Thank you!

P.s. Will there, or can there be a PHP add-on? ( )  If there =
is, I'm not aware of it.

Luc Drouin
Ottawa, Canada :-)

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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

I keep dowloading your distro once each = year and I=20 really impressed with your work.
Because of your mandate to keep it on = one floppy,=20 you've been forced to really pay attention to making the addons highly = organized=20 (keeping similar features in the same add-ons).  Therefore, your=20 distrobution of Linux is probably the most organized one on the = market.  I=20 don't think the giant Linux distributors realize this yet!
Thanks for all your excellent hard work = and=20 commitment.  Because of it, I've not thrown away some perfectly = usable=20 older computers, so your technology is environmentally friendly=20 too!
One of the places where your distro is = important is=20 where people give older computers to charities for the less = fortunate. =20 These systems can be brought back to useful purpose for people who can't = afford=20 expensive software.
Your work, therefore, is very important = for those=20 who can not afford to pay you.
Thank you!
P.s. Will there, or can there be a PHP = add-on? ( )  If there is, = I'm not=20 aware of it.
Luc Drouin
Ottawa, Canada = :-)

From: "Just Vecht"

Subject: muLinux article in Dutch CompuServe forum
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 21:42:58 +0200

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Dear Mr. Andreoli,

As a CompuServe volunteer Sysop in the Dutch Compuserve NL Internet =
forum I wrote a small article on muLinux. I intended to follow it up =
with a second article about the way Linux fans use Internet and html in =
a most practical way soon. I will not go deep into Linux itself ( I am =
not an expert), but Linux and Internet have a strong relation and thus =
this will be of interest to our Forum members (I thought).

I hope you like knowing what is going on (even though it is in probably =
unreadable Dutch in your case). I also hope some of our members will =
jump on the (mu)Linux wagon to discover what treasures lay in the Linux =

My deep admiration for what you achieved and if you need it: go on with =
it! It is just great..

Mille Grazia!


Just Vecht

Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Dear Mr. Andreoli,
As a CompuServe volunteer Sysop in = the Dutch=20 Compuserve NL Internet forum I wrote a small article on muLinux. I = intended to=20 follow it up with a second article about the way Linux fans use Internet = and=20 html in a most practical way soon. I will not go deep into Linux itself = ( I am=20 not an expert), but Linux and Internet have a strong relation and thus = this will=20 be of interest to our Forum members (I thought).
I hope you like knowing what is = going on (even=20 though it is in probably unreadable Dutch in your case). I also hope = some of our=20 members will jump on the (mu)Linux wagon to discover what treasures lay = in the=20 Linux world.
My deep admiration for what you = achieved and if=20 you need it: go on with it! It is just great..
Mille Grazia!
Just Vecht

From: "Stephen W."

Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 14:50:15 -0700
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: MuLinux is GREAT!

Dear Mr. Andreoli,

I downloaded your MuLinux v12r0 a few days ago.  Yours is the first linux distro where I have successfully installed the base system AND X-Windows AND browse the Internet with the add-on Netscape! (all on a Pentium 120 MHz with 16 MB of RAM!)  I have heard from other people that "MuLinux is not for newbies," but so far your distro has been working good for me.

Do you have future plans for MuLinux?  I think with some additional work and applications it could be THE Linux for legacy 486 and Pentium machines.

Steve W.

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From: gbx35(at) (George B.)

Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 14:50:43 GMT
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: muLinux 11r12

 And  also,... why do you insist on
 trying to use 1722k floppies for the floppy install ? Maybe
 1722k is a European  standard for floppies, but here in the 
 U.S. 1440k is the largest we can format to. I have tried with
  several different floppies which I know to be good under
 DOS, but all I get is files that are overwritten and unusable
 when trying to format 1440k disks to 1722k. You know, there
 are file splitting utilities for Win3.1 that could maybe be used to
 place the 1722k of info from 1 disk onto 2 1440k disks. There
 are even batch files made to re-assemble them from. All it would
 require is writing a prompt into the install program to "insert install
 disk #2 now", or something similar.


From: ncviv(at)

Date: 13 Oct 2000 04:45:22 -0000
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: X-Windows ???

Respected Sir,
             First of all I would like to
congratulate you for your excellent creation!!
   Sir, I would like to use X-Windows in your
linux but I am unable to do so. I have tried it
using Sis 6215c and cirrus 5422 display cards but
every time I \\\\\\\"startx\\\\\\\" it displays
see /var/log/startx.log for errors. Please help.
I am attaching here the log file.
Looking forward for a positive and fast reply.
Please carry on with this excellent work,
Yours faithfully,
Viv Chawda
( muLinux\\\\\\\'s BIGGEST fan..!! )

From: Akuma

Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 14:53:30 -0300
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: About your muLinux

Well, I'm here again to tell you about your site... The last time I told
you about it, you said that you were going to see about it. So, I'm
trying to download your muLinux, but your page don't open the download

If it is possible, I like to download your Linux, but if it's not
possible, I'll look for anothers...

Thanck you very much
Rafael A. Ribeiro

From: Mark Roberts

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:45:14 +0200 (MEST)
To: mulinux(at)
Subject: Re: [mu setup] adsl (and updating Kernel)

Dear Jerry,

> Has anyone got DSL working on mulinx? I want to setup
> a router to connect to my dsl provider using pppoe
> (which i have working on another machine) and turn on
> ip masquerading.
> Also, how can i upgrade the kernel on mulinux?
> Jerry

You might ask zhengliangchen ,
who was apparently successful updating the Kernel, but appears not to be
on the list any more.

Apart from installing the Kernel, you need to upgrade to glib. And if you
then throw out libc, you need to update all binaries that use it. In any
case, mulinux becomes a megalinux.

Good luck, but why bother?


From: "Bibeau"

Subject: Using Mulinux
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:58:35 -0700

I am new to linux and need to ask a few questions. What do we use for 
login? What is that prompt with "#" at the end? Is that like dos prompt 
C:>? Please write a small manual for newbies so I can try it more 

From: "Florian Forster"

Subject: muLinux
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 11:37:40 +0200

How the hell did you do that?
Are you god or are you devil?

No matter what, you're my master

That's amazing and not from this world

How much time did you spend in doing such a fantastic work


Only words I have but they're deep from my heart

Best wishes from Germany


From: palm liu

Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 20:44:51 -0400 (EDT)
To: "m.andreoli(at)" 
Subject: Re : Sucess install of MuLinux, Thanks!


I am a newbies in Linux. I use Micro$oft product for a long time.
A few month ago, I heard the power of Linux OS (as it become HOT in Hong
Kong in this year because more Chinese Linux has been done using CLE).

I use Toshiba Libretto 50 notebook which is Pentium 75 (I overclock it to
133MHz!) but only has 16M RAM. I try some Linux distribution  such as
'Dragon Linux', 'Peanut Linux'. But I find my computer work like a snail
when running X-windows. I try MuLinux. I work great on my 16M RAM system.

I also enjoy the TCL/TK add-on, since I am a programmer on electronic
product (i.e. MCU). This mini-Linux system is great.
I am now planing to migrate to Linux from microsoft.

Thanks for your MuLinux distribution!!!

Best Regards,
Palm Liu

From: Mark Roberts

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 13:33:52 +0200 (MEST)
To: mulinux(at)
Subject: RE: newbie question for that which I am sure

> > how in the hell do I get a 1.7MB package on a 1.44 floppy?
> read the doc's! hehe:)

It worked for me, and I didn't read the docs.

I created the floppy from inside a working linux, using the setup-script
(which is called 'mu') as root. You get a menu, you ask for 1.7MB
floppies, it formats them for you. 


To unsubscribe, e-mail: mulinux-unsubscribe(at)
For additional commands, e-mail: mulinux-help(at)

From: Martin Fenelon

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 17:22:16 +0000 (UTC)
To: m.andreoli(at)
Subject: mu Linux v 9r2

Dear Mr Andreoli,

Just a quick note to inform you that I have downloaded your muLinux v9r2.

What a fantastic system! 

I didn't realize that a single disk could be so useful, it's amazing.

Thank you for making your system freely available, it beats the life out
of Micro$oft... 

Kind regards.

Ciao ciao.

Martin Fenelon.

From: "Luc Drouin"

Subject:  Viva muLinux! - Bravo! - Congratulations!
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 01:27:13 -0400

I was surfing the net one day looking for more Linux distributions when =
I accidentally came accross your fine site.

I'm interrested in Linux because my Microsoft software seems to crash =
when I need it most.  I've tried Red Hat, Storm and Mandrake 7.0 (Really =
really like Mandrake 7.0's Partition Magic like interface).

I have a low-bandwidth modem connection a connection times can be =
lengthy (i.e. costly) when dealing with standard Linux distributions, so =
dowloading such is usually prohibitive.

But, your muLinux distribution, is, an awesome and welcomed addition.

So tiny yet so powerful.

It took me less then an hour to download the base and all the addons.

Being a newbie, I thought I'd have several problems.

Well, I did, but no where near the level I get with standard Microsoft =

After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I was rolling with X-Windows and =
completely baffled at the performance factor.  Its absolutely amazing!  =
What an excellent way to retire old 486 and early pentium machines by =
putting them to good use as file/printer/fax/web servers!!!

Viva muLinux!


Luc Drouin
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

From: DWo(at) (David Wo)

Subject: muLinux
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:08:45 +1000

Hi Michele,

Your muLinux is wonderful. I have resurrected my old 33MHz 486 with 8 MB =
of RAM and 40MB of hard disk to a fully functional workstation for my =
work. It is amazing because other types of Linux normally need 32MB of =
RAM and 600MB of hard disk to run probably. Keep up the good work.



From: "Marek Gadzina \(Gajoe\)"

Subject: Good stuff
Date:   Mon, 3 Jul 2000 16:51:48 +0200

Hi! Hello & Welcome!

I'am Linux fan from Poland. I use Red Hat Linux v6.0. From this week I
use muLinux too. And I think that muLinux is very good. This is good
education software.


Marek Gadzina (Gajoe)
< mggajoe(at) >

From: Alan Jenkins

Date: 17 Jun 2000 02:13:04 -0700
To: mulinux(at)
Subject: Puzzled

Soory if this sounds stupid, but how can i fit your 1.8M files onto a 
floppy disk?  If this is a problem with downloading in binary,
 I am using Internet Explorer.  Can u help me?


From: "corey.eiseman"

Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 08:59:54 -0400

Hi folks!

I am curious about something I've noticed. Whenever I install muLinux
(I've upgraded a few times since I started using it,) the usual
confirmation message after setting up addon XXX is: "Ooh ! I feel good.
This XXX is OK."  I'm sure we're all familiar with it.  ;)

Except, when I setup /usr from the boot floppy, I get a slightly
different confirmation message: "Ooh ! I feel (relatively) good. This
/usr is OK."

And I was wondering what this (relatively) means... it has happened
consistently with several different versions of muLinux. Does everyone
get this message when setting up /usr, or is it caused by something
specific to my system?

Note: I am only asking this out of curiosity...To my knowledge, it has
not actually caused any problems with my system.

I'd also like to thank Michele again for all his great work, the Perl
CGI module is an excellent addition, as I have been using my muLinux
laptop to teach myself Perl for some time now! Thanks for everything,

From: "Jose Maria Valdes"

Subject: Congratulation for Mulinux
Hi Andreoli,

 I'm very impresioned with the last version of Mulinux (6,1), your
setup system is very. very, very good :)).

 I'm dont have words for congratulation for your job, is without any
dude the best distribution. I'm impresioned with your job, I'd like
participate in your job, for example traslating your Mulinux to Spanish,
my original Language. ;))

From: Alexander Wiessner

Subject: Mulinux for a car MP3 audio system
Hi !

First of all CONGRATULATIONS for your amazing mulinux project. It´s the
most powerful one-floppy distribution you can find on the net.

As you can read in the subject line I want to use your distribution for
a car MP3 audio system.


From: "Wirasinghe,Marco"

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 01:37:35 +0200 (CEST)
Hi there.
Firstly, i'd like to say that all over you involved in this project have
done a great job. It looks quite fabulous about the capabilities in Linux,
and the amount of core still remaining in muLinux is phenomenal.

From: Giuseppe Baffi

To: andreoli(at)
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 11:16:21 +0100
Subject: PCMCIA

Ciao Michele,
prima di tutto grazie per questo piccolo gioiello di nome muLinux. 
uso Linux da tempo su un protatile (496/DX4) e mi sono sempre 
trovato ad avere poco spazio a disposizione. La versione 5r7 che 
ho scaricato la settimana scorsa offre delle grandi prospettive. A 
questo punto, pero', mi chiedo se hai in programma di aggiungere il 
supporto per PCMCIA cards e Zip driver. 
Dr. Giuseppe Baffi
CPACT, DCPE, Newcastle University,

From Marcello Valenti

Subject: Non ci credo
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 00:31:49 +0200

Salve se incomincio con i complimenti non mi fermo piu'.
Deve sapere che avro' almeno 7 Linux in versione mini in quanto le adoro
passo giornate a cercare e personalizzare rescue disk,ma stavolta e'
diverso: MuLinux non e' un rescue ma un vero sistema per cui sto
"godendo"veramente inoltre mi ha salvato l'MBR del HD saltato grazie 
a NT5.0 beta e impedendomi di accedere ai mie 4 sistemi operativi 
esistenti sul PC.
Spero che il suo lavoro riceva la giusta riconoscenza visto che case 
come la RedHat piene di soldi e programmatori non sono minimamente 
vicine ad un lavoro cosi perfetto che ripeto considerarlo un ottimo 
rescue sarebbe veramente sbagliato

P.S desidero sapere quando ci sono aggiornamenti;
da quando lo uso mi sono scordato di avere 2 Linux sull'HD


Subject: MULinux + X11

Ciao di nuovo,

Spiacente infastidirlo di nuovo ma ho tribolazione ancora col XWindow
aggiungere-su per Suo muLinux meraviglioso.  Penso che la taglia e
semplicità di questo sistema del funzionamento è brillante e formerà
possibilmente una base per la prossima generazione di sistemi del
funzionamento (dopo che Windows2000 è morto).

Ho configurato un allentato usa muLinux, come smusso ora ottiene il X11
archivio sopra questo.  Accedo al internet attraverso Windows95
svortunatamente- smusso sembro in grado di trova il posizionamento
corretto installare muLinux per questo.  Se potrebbe darmi passo da
istruzioni del passo per collegamento del internet o l'uso di un
duro-guida che lavora su un MSDOS/ Win95 configurazione allora sarei

Spero che questa posta lo trovi in un modulo leggibile, uso il
traduttore italiano di Globalink e non sono piuttosto sicuro come buono

Per favore risponda all'indirizzo sotto e non il conto questo ha
provenuto da, lo ringrazia in anticipo

Ben Weatherall

From: "Henry Westbrook"

Hi.  I love MuLinux.  Do you know when you may be going to a 2.2.x kernel?



From: "van der Merwe"

Subject: Thanks
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 01:20:51 +0200

I think this is a great little program. Showed a friend of mine and he
couldnt believe what could be put on 2 floppys, very impressed. he is now
going to try and install on his machine.


From: Robin Stacey

Subject: Thank you for muLinux
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:33:01 +0000

I'd like to personally thank you for creating muLinux. I'm a lecturer at a
college in the UK, and we are using muLinux to train students how to use
'full' Linux without touching the hard drives at all.

I also use it as a part of my consultancy business for system recovery,
demonstations and hardware configuration.

Between your three disks and tomsrtbt, I no longer need to carry around 10
other CDs. It's refreshing to see a none-US based solution.

Well done!!.

I'm working on a site dedicated to Open Source Tuition - can I put a page
describing muLinux and it's worth on there along with a copy for download.
You will, of course, get full credit and I'll include a link to your site.

Robin v. Stacey
Computer Solutions

From: "Dwyer, Sean"

Subject: mulinux
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 11:47:57 +0100

Three words can describe muLinux : Excellent, excellent, excellent.


From: Luca Colasanti

Subject: Complimenti!

Salve Michele,
mi chiamo Luca e sono entusiasta per  mulinux: e' incredibile. Non
voglio neppure 
sapere come fa tutta quella roba a stare in due dischetti... :-)
In realta' ho anche un problema: ho installato la distribuzione sul mio
vecchio 486 portatile (e' un digital senza lettore CD e poco 
disco fisso), ma non c'e' verso di utilizzare 
il trackball (integrato). Sotto Virus95 ed OS/2, funziona egregiamente
come un PS/2. 
Ho provato a fare lo stesso con mulinux, ma purtroppo devo far finta di
avere un mouse seriale per far partire X, 
e poi arrangiarmi con i tasti. Posso fare qualcosa?

Grazie per aver donato al mio 486 un VERO OS!!!

From Scott Lucas

Subject: WD ethercard driver module? Hello Michele! I downloaded MuLinux-4r0 last week and made up the Startup, X11 and GCC floppies. It configured easily and runs well in ramdisk on both of my machines (a P133 and a 486sx25). It's an amazing little distribution - the setup/configuration script is especially well done. Thankyou! Do you have a compatible wd.o that you could email to me? Or source code that would work with Mu's GCC?

From: "Maurizio"

Sto tentando di usare Mulinux ma, ogni volta che credo di aver finito il 
setup, mi chiede un 'login'. Naturalmente, qualsiasi cosa scriva, mi 
risponde con un 'eh?'. Perdonami l'ignoranza (non so quasi nulla di 
Linux) ma che diavolo devo digitare? Ho provato con Bobo (Craxi), 
Martelli,ecc, ma senza alcun risultato.
Grazie per l'attenzione

From: eckmann(at)

I have a "bizzare" query. Prof. Hairer and I have written an animation
program which shows some differential equation on Linux (You can get it
from my home page

We would like to make this program available together with an article we
want to write for high-school teachers (who usually have dos and not
linux) So the idea is to make some sort of mulinux which contains the
program, but which is otherwise absolutely minimal. This should easily fit
on 2 diskettes sincce the program is not very large.

On the other hand, we need nothing of the many goodies you offer and I
want to avoid that the user has to do anything except something like
downloading 3 files Dostools, root-boot-user and X11 and then put in the
floppy. I do not want to write to any hard disk.

I would be very greatful if you either could prepare such a set
of mini-minimal diskettes, or tell me how to do it. I am a little confused
about what I should anwser for swap tmp and usr in such a case...

Of course, your help will be explicitly acknowledged if the paper ever
appears and on my home page. And of course we do not want to make any
money with this...


Jean-Pierre Eckmann

Prof. Jean-Pierre Eckmann
Departement de Physique Theorique
32, Bld D'Yvoy
Universite de Geneve
1211 Geneva 4 Switzerland

From: Richard Giroux

THANKS for puting this distribution together.  Like so many others, 
I'm working on my own distribution.  In creating your disks, I 
realized that FAT16 is needed.  Can I simply replace the kernal for 
FAT32 support?

I would also like to offer my compliments on your install program!!!  
I am going to take a crack at putting together my own distribution 
but I think I'll base it on yours.  Yours is amazing! I hope to 
take your install proceedure and give it a GUI front end much like 
Win95.  All setups and configurations will be simular to Win95.  
(This is to help newbies like me.)  This is no insult to your amazing 

Thanks again!

Richard Giroux
Network Systems Manager

From Peter Tapolyai

When I think back how I started with Linux - I can remember only frustration! Even RedHat 5.2 is hard to install if you are new to Linux. Partitioning, .tgz, .tar.tgz files, bunch of scripts all over the place, a million directories and so on. So it is still intimidating sometimes.

But when I found muLinux, everything changed! What is nice is I had to get ONLY 3 files, and that's it. And the three files made two floppies, it installed in memory and that's it, and I even had X on it !!! Great !!! And ONLY ONE SINGLE command to install it to the HD!!!! It is GREAT!!

And it was VERY, VERY easy to create the floppies. I understand that you intended muLinux for the experts, but why would the experts want a very simple system? The experts can create their own system! THey know exactly which files to download from the internet and how to create their own floppies! But what about the guys who want to get into Linux? RedHat? RedHat comes on a CD, you need to partition, configure your X, define your X server, RAMDAC, horizontal syncrate, vertical refresh rate and so on! How would a new user know that? And what if you have no manuals to your computer because you bought it used? Yes there are "superprobe" and other programs to find some of the information out, BUT how would the new user know that??? And where to get those files? I tried for an entire day to find superprobe on the sunsite ftp site!!!! It is a jungle with very bad naming conventions, no search on it either! And you have to run Linux to run those files to begin with if you ever find them!! It is a nightmare to learn Linux!!!

But again your two floppy system is a prepackaged system that works without any of the repartitioning, searching for obscure files and so on. muLinux is THE BEST first linux for a new user!!!!!!! Yes, muLinux does not have many programs, but it is simple to create, takes ONLY TWO FLOPPIES, and it WORK THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!

Michele, has anybody created any simple, introductory Linux? How will the newbie learn Linux? We have only full-blown versions or specific toolsets (network admin, etc) I can't learn Trinux, or tomsrtbt or even hal91! They were done with the expert or the network admin in mind with a lot of specific tools! Well, what about me? I have nobody to ask a Unix question. So, just like me, the average user may not even be able to install Linux!! But muLinux is simple and small and easy to create and it even has X on it! So that is why I think that maybe you should target the new users with nice readme files. There is no simple introductory Linux out there besides muLinux!

muLinux is THE PERFECT Linux distribution for the new user!! What do you think?


From: William La Chapelle

Subject: muLinux!

Hi, I love your muLinux distribution THE MOST! Better than the six CD distributions I've tried! It's just that I expected less and got more from something on a single floppy; I was so surprised that it could do just about everything and nearly everything worked right off!

My only wish, that would make it PERFECT would be the inclusion of splitvt (a favorite console utility of mine) and better function at higher or extended VGA resolutions. When I VGA=ASK and go higher I get corruption when I use less, the command history gets funky and lynx isn't configured to work right at 132.43. I'm a total Linux tyro, all I know is from a UNIX user perspective so I could have very well done something wrong, probably have.

I think this is a very "friendly" implementation of Linux and with a few minor changes could hardly be friendlier! In many regards it's perfect for a new user cause he can't break anything serious (too easily...) and most worst case mistakes are just a floppy copy away! As it is, it's nearly perfect for me, and it's got me curious enough to see if I can learn to change things. Uh, where are the fortunes hidden?

Oh! The Quark Browser is AWESOME TOO! Is it available for download seperately? Does it have a web page? Thank you so much for a Linux that is as great as Linux itself!

Regards, Will

From: Didier Legein

Ciao Michele; I've been playing with mulinux for a few days and I like it VERY much.
It's running comfortably on my 486/100 with 8 MB RAM in RAM. Didier LEGEIN Belgio
PS Puoi rispondermi in Italiano se vuoi. Mio Italiano scritto e abominabile ;-D

From: Michael Callaham

Michele, I did a linux-install of muLinux + X11 v2p16 to two floppies, then ran in ramdisk on several machines. It worked fine. It's very interesting, and quite a packaging achievement. Thanks for making it available!

From: Michael Litherland

Dear Mr. Andreoli, I wanted to thank you and any other contributers to the muLinux distribution. I find what you have created to be not only useful, but masterfully done and a wonderful education. This is the most fun I have had with Linux since I first learned what X was. muLinux also provides a good demonstration to outsiders of the abilities of Linux. People are always incredulous when I tell them they have just connected to a 2,202 byte web server! Thanks again, and if anybody is interested in a version of muLinux with Bind and some additional security features added feel free to drop me a note. Sincerely, Mike

From: "POSTA"

Ciao...... E' semplicemente grandioso:)
non so come tu abbia fatto a condensare il tutto in cosi' poco spazio, ma e' stupendo...... Io sono un profano, quindi il mio commento non sara' dei piu' adatti, ma ti garantisco, che di tutti i minilinux in circolazione questa versione e' unica.... spero che tu vada avanti a sviluppare minisistemi, e aspetto con ansia il tuo micro web server..... Se dovessi aggiornare in qualche modo la versione attuale, fammelo sapere, in questi giorni mi sto prodigando per farla girare ovunque..... Ciao e ancora grazie per lo splendido regalo, spero di riuscire un girono ad imparare abbastanza su linux per poter ricambiare... Ciao Fabio

From: mbarbier(at) (Massimo Barbieri)

Complimenti per Mulinux, non oso pensare quanto tempo avrai impiegato per "limare" lo spazio a quel punto! Ho scaricato l'immagine ieri notte , e per quanto ho visto il risultato e' veramente notevole. Mi sono piaciute anche le procedure di creazione del disco e di boot, chiare e complete. Non potresti includere anche X nella prossima beta, magari con un WindowManager tipo KDE o Gnome? :-)

From: Luke Bullock

just to let you know i downloaded mulinux v.10 from your site last nite, and find it truly amazing. keep up the good work :) btw, i can link you up from if you like.. just give me the word.. -- ~Lucc

From: Borini Stefano

Ma figurati.. sei stato grande... io mi chiedo ancora come faccia a tenere tanta potenza su un misero dischetto... inoltre mi hai risolto un capitale di problemi che non avrei mai pensato di risolvere in cosi' poco tempo... saluti... e grazie ancora..

From: Nathan Bailey

This sounds great! The only thing it is missing is "ssh" -- I couldn't use telnet from home, too insecure! Please put slogin/ssh on the disk, and it will be everything I need for miniLinux :) thanks,

From: Serge Arsenault

Hi, I just tried your wonderful and very useful contribution to the Linux world! The only thing that disturbed me a little is that now the PC (Windows 3.1) which I tried it on displays the LILO prompt at boot up and expects input. Does your program install LILO in the master boot record? How can I return it to its original state? Thank you, Serge

From: "Marco d'Itri"

On Aug 01, Michele Andreoli  wrote:

 >Come mai, invece, noi italiani ci limitiamo a guardare, a scaricare e,
 >qualche volta, a incoraggiare ma nulla di piu'?
Boh. Ti apro una mailing list sul server di ILS?


From: Martin Eastman

I discovered your work two days ago and was most impressed with your distribution. It is the absolute opposite of the dreaded Windows bloatware, and just shows what can be done on just one little floppy! And so easy to configure! I only discovered Linux six months ago, and up to now have only used RedHat 4.2, until discovering hal91 quite recently. However, I am much too stupid to be able to be able to personalize hal91, and although I did manage to put in my own ISP details for ppp, then the data disk (with Lynx) wouldn't load. The beauty of mulinux is that it gets you on line with lynx from one floppy. But of course, you know that. It is very comforting to know that one can get email, search the web, and generally use the computer as a tool without even needing a hard drive. (Let alone the ridiculous 12G sizes that are feeding the current bloatware monopoly). But thank you again, Tante Grazia, Martin Eastman

From: Hasjim Williams

Hi, I was wondering how I should customise MuLinux, so I can have NcFTP and a proper Telnet telnet client? If I add them, then try to use them off the floppy, they give me Unresolved symbol errors? Yet, all the libs required are already on the floppy? Oh, and how about adding smbfs support? Thanks for MuLinux. It's one of the most useful, portable distributions around...

From: Michael Roylance

Organization: Infinity Technology Group

Sono stato molto impressionato del tuo progetto di muLinux. Non e utile per niente, pero neanche la grande arte di questo mondo. Scusi il mio povero Italiano. Michele

From: Port Sandeman

Ciao sono veramente interessato a questo mini linux e vi faccio i complimenti per questa iniziativa , ma c'e' una cosa che non ho capito: se il file e' di 1722k , come fa a stare su un floppy ??

From: "Thumper!"

I wanted to thank you for mulinux... it's helped me immensely!

From: jpena(at)

Dear Sir, Hi! How are you? I don't mean to disturb you. Yet, I was curious to know what you accomplished doing with Linux, putting on a single disk, could be applied to other operating systems? I was thinking in particular Minix. You see, I have an old 286 laptop. I was curious if you could apply your methods to putting Linux on a single disk to Minix? Please let me know. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, J.R. Pe=F1a

From: jdowns

Excellent, this is *exactly* what I was looking for. Thankyou, thankyou, .... -jdowns

From: david grant dmgrant(at)

I have just got hold of yorr mulinux 2.0 and am very impressed with it as a rescue program. Many thanks

From: Fiorenzi Alessandro

Salve, sono Alessandro Fiorenzi, uno studente di Scienze dell'Informazione di Firenze, le faccio i miei complimenti per l'opera mulinux, eccellente! Ma volevo porle una domanda. Ho da una parte un vecchio 386 con 4MB ram Hd 20MB ma senza floppy da 1.4, per utilizzare su questa macchina il mulinux la soluzione più facile sarebbe piazzaci un floppy e via, ma non sarebbe possibile installare il mulinux su l'HD ? Saluti

From: R. Bambang Untoro

i'm just installed muLinux...and i's very attractive i want to know ...can i give the password for root? And if it can Thank's

From: paul anderson

Dear Michele, Thank you for creating and maintaining muLinux. I use Linux for many things and it is very interesting to how much you are able to accomplish on a floppy. Thank you, Paul Anderson USA

From: vtailor(at)

MuLinux sounds very nice, but why only lynx 2.6? The latest 2.8 version has many nice features not in 2.6 and handles things like frames better.

From: nagib hobeica

Hi there, I could not try your mulinux but I heard a lot from friends. Amaizing to have all this features in one or two disquettes only! best regards and good continuation nag vienna, austria

From: Fernando Larrazabal

hi, I guess that mulinux is good (work well on my P166) but i'm having a = problem, xwindow detect the wrong monitor, help me please!!!! Best regards Fernando Larrazabal (mulix is in Guatemala)

From: Marilyn Dubois


Vorrei sapere se les sources de mulinux son disponibile.
Nell'affirmativa dove posso downlodarli.
Les sources sono i fichiers in language 'c'
Grazie in anticipo di rispondermi.


p.s. scusate la mia povera lingua italiana

From: Peter Psota

> Have a good time with muLinux.
> M.A.

I tested many minilinux ,but i must to say MULINUX is the best !!! Good luck.

From: Jim Trek

Michele, Thank you for making muLinux available. I am a DOS user but not a Windows user. Is there some way I can unzip the tgz files without WINZIP? I have a friend who has Windows 3.11. Will he be able to obtain muLinux or must we use Windows 95 or Windows 98? Thank you for informing me that the mailing list is in Italian.

From: Marco A. Achury P.

Hello: I have downloaded mulinux. It's a wonderfull distribution for its size. I run very well at diskette, but I can´t create an UMSDOS instalation in my HD (FAT32 - Win95 OSR-2). Thank you. --

From: chris herrnberger

ahhh english on the list...say does anyone know where to get some decent help docs for this lttle marvel of an OS? This is from a mulinux system!! tks and ciao

From: Marc Vertes

Dear Michele, First, thanks and congratulations for your marvellous little Linux distribution. After having played with it a few days, I'm still amazed to see the number of tasks it can do, using so little space. I looked around at the different scripts, and I must say that I learned a lot. Your work smells like the unix spirit that I like: small, simple, but efficient, flexible and extensible. Marc Vertes

From: Robert Lynch

I've been trying out muLinux 2.5. Very cool! Bob L.

From: "John" john(at)

Sir, After reading your site I was intrigued as to how you may have been able to accomplish this [Linux distro on a single 1.7 floppy]. I had a notion recently about creating a small program for a rather computer-inept family member. I would like to avoid the complications of windows and have little experience with Linux. Now to the point of this message: Could you in some way find it possible to send me the source code for this [muLinux] project so that i may have some form of jump on creating this minimalistic program? Thank you for your time and effort with this matter, John Livingston

From: Rossi3677(at)

I have just downloaded your muLinux and tested it. Compliments, I would be proud if you could me inform about actual versions/updates. Very good system, easy to configure and a even better learning base for Li= nux. Thanks a lot for this very special version of Linux. I look to stay informed about your progress. ciao Alexander Ro=DFkopf pc.Spezialist Darmstadt

From: md(at) (Marco d'Itri)

Complimenti. :-)
Hai fatto da solo il 30% dei quasi 7 GB di traffico di

                                                 ---- Percent  Of ----
     Archive Section      Files Sent Bytes Sent  Files Sent Bytes Sent
------------------------- ---------- ----------- ---------- ----------
/pub/.1/debian                  8755  3726540917    58.39      54.11
/home/mulinux/incoming          4737  2601924052    31.59      37.78
/pub/mirrors/gnome               794   233459791     5.30       3.39


From: Enzo Carrone

Hello Andreoli, e complimenti sinceri per l'idea di mulinux: dire che è -simpaticissimo- (e intelligentissimo) è dire poco: fa per me, che devo mostrarlo a un pò di gente. Cordialmente, Enzo carrone.

From: enzo

> Have a good time with muLinux.
> M.A.

Grazie! Questo OS e` semplicemente stupendo!!!!
Grandissimo, roba da non crederci!
Grazie ancora e, con l-occasione, buon natale!!!

/sent with mulinux, the /real/ os!/

From: Vanni Guarnieri (guarnier(at)

Caro Michele, (permettimi di darti del tu, che e' piu' facile); ho provato con successo e sorpresa il tuo mulinux 2.6 e devo dire che e' veramente fantastico. A questo punto, accogliendo il tuo invito, ti faccio una proposta: perche' non metti a punto un mulinux in grado di trasformare un vecchio 486 in un terminale X, mettendoci sopra il minimo indispensabile e tenendo i considerazione i criteri minimi di sicurezza ? Grazie, comlimenti ancora e ciao vanni

From: Peter Tapolyai

Michele: Your muLinux is great!! I use the floppy version on a 386 DX 40 machine with 20 Mb RAM. It runs really nice!! Anyway, thanks for the muLinux! -- Peter Tapolyai