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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern
(?)Re: Hidden master DNS
(?)Virtual LINUX

(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

We got a decent number of juicy Tips this month. And despite the incredible effort Dan puts into clobbering them, a record number of spams leaking through. Oh well. (Mind you, "record" is something like almost 20. This beats the crap out of the ratios we used to see... Yay for Dan!)

From a "peeves of the month" point of view though (hey, I haven't done those in a while) we also got a record number of people whose mail is quoted-printable in the text portion AND carrying useless HTML around with it. Super ouchie! Rick has long since macro'd his respone to the mime header to tell people how to undo that... I usually have some funnin' on them... such as, "Argh! I need to stomp out all these dratted =2E thingies!" You get the idea.

In the land of Linux itself - Hey, the household firewire pretty much works, USB runs great, we've got sound support coming out of... errr, into our ears... at least around my household, things are looking good. What's eating you that Linux isn't doing for you? Ask the Answer Gang - maybe it's not as hard as all that, or we can point you at who's picking up on that task.

My local Starship and free software group is running an Internet Lounge at the local science fiction convention in my area, Baycon. If you'll be in the San Jose area around the end of the month, drop on by and maybe you can meet a few us who live around here. Or just have a silly time in the 24th century.

Sorry for the short column this time folks. Have a happy.

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