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Updated 30-Jan-2002

Do you answer Windows questions too?

Some of them.

Answers in either the Tips or Answer Gang columns which relate to troubleshooting hardware, might be equally valuable to Linux and Windows users. This is however Linux Gazette... so all the examples are likely to describe Linux methods and tools.

The Answer Guy has ranted about this many times before. He will gladly answer questions involving getting Linux and MS Windows systems to interact properly; this usually covers filesystems, use of Samba (shares) and other networking, and discussion of how to use drivers.

However, if your question only involves Windows, this is not the best place to ask. The Answer Guy himself hasn't used Windows in many years, and in fact typically avoids the graphical user interfaces available to Linux as well. That we've grown up into an Answer Gang isn't worth much for Windows only questions either -- only a few of us have any notable experience with Windows, and for those of us that do, a lot of it is quite out of date.

Maybe you should try the websites for the various Windows magazines -- many of them offer an open forum. You could even (gasp) use the tech support that was offered with your commercial product. Also, there are newsgroups for an amazing variety of topics, including MS Windows.

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