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Linux User Caricatures

By Franck Alcidi

Freehand art and images constructed in the GIMP.

Comments on the images

Debian Geek: Debian is seen as the real hackers distro. The character I drew is based on the hard core hacker. He is poor and wears daggy clothes because thats all he can afford. He tends to have long hair thats tied back and usually has that tough distinctive goaty or unshaven look.

Redhat Geek:This chap is the businessman, corporate geek and usually tends to be in the older generation. Of course as you get older you lose hair, put on weight and tend to need glasses. :)

Suse Geek: I see the suse geek as a young guy, usually from germany who might have blond or red hair and with plenty of freckles. Not quite the hacker yet and not old enough to be taken too serious yet in the corporate arena.

Mandrake Geek: Ok... this one is good. This chap (baby) is the new distro on the market(compared to the others anyway). He is always seen as a new lunix user hence the baby look, and the distro is regarded as one best for beginners to learn who might be migrating from windows to linux.

You can view my other artwork and sketches on my projects page.

Franck Alcidi

Franck is an artist in Australia. His home page ("Ausmosis") is

Copyright © 2001, Franck Alcidi.
Copying license
Published in Issue 72 of Linux Gazette, November 2001

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