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Creating A Linux Certification Program: Part 10

Around The World In Less Than Two Years

By Ray Ferrari

The Linux Professional Institute(LPI) has been very busy. With the help of volunteers from around the world, an advisory council which includes individuals from the top Linux related companies, and sponsors which help promote their agenda, LPI is poised for global recognition. Since it's inception two years ago, the mission has been simple and straightforward; to deliver "a standardized, multi-national, and respected program to certify levels of individual expertise in Linux".

In less than two short years, the dream has become a reality for the founders of LPI. With a Linux Professional Institute Certification(LPIC) now positioned to become the de-facto certification worldwide, the hard work and sponsorships are having their desired effect. Much work must yet be done; volunteers and sponsors are always needed; as the non-profit organization plans to make their certification available to anyone around the world.

Already, their web site has been translated into Japanese and German, with French and Chinese to closely follow. Other languages are in the process of being added, with many volunteers assisting in the endeavor. Anyone wanting to volunteer to help the translation team is asked to contact Duane Dunstan by e-mailing him at An LPI-Japan has been established with directors from Turbolinux Japan, IBM Japan, Linuxcare, and assistance from Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Keio University and others.

The organization has been contacted by interested parties to create an LPI Greater China, with an Official Office in Hong Kong and Representative Offices in China and Taiwan. Invitations have been extended to attend and speak at the upcoming IDG shows in Beijing, China(Aug. 29-Sept.1); with Jon Maddog Hall representing LPI; Taipei, China(Sept.7-9), and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(Nov. 7-9); with Dan York speaking on certification.

A book has been written; specifically for the LPIC Exam 101; by the publishing giant MacMillan. IBM has embraced the LPIC, making it a technical prerequisite for their own "Solution Technologist" e-business certification. According to Dan York; president of the LPI board of directors; "This relationship with IBM provides a path for those professionals to further develop and validate their skills". IBM's Scott Handy declares that "Linux plays a critical role in today's world of e-business. Ensuring our partners have a strong, consistent knowledge of the Linux operating system, ... is critical to us, our partners and our customers.

A search for "Linux certification" under Yahoo; ; yields LPI and Lintraining. Anyone interested in Linux certification should visit both websites for information on testing centers, training materials, instructors or trainers. To visit LPI's preparation web site, go to There are currently 361 locations around the globe offering linux training. For a comprehensive list, go to

The first web based LPIC Level One course has been started through CyberState University. The cost for the course is currently set at $995 and qualifies the student to take the Level One exam from LPI. The V.P. of Curriculum Development for CyberState University; David Clarke; states "'s integrates a real-world hands-on lab environment rather than a simulated environment. Real world experience is a critical success factor in passing LPI's rigorous exams".

Some of the events which the LPI has participated in since January of this year, have included the countries of France, Germany, Australia, England, Canada, the United States and Japan. Upcoming events this year, will be in China, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States(Atlanta:Sept.26-28/Linux Business Expo, and Las Vegas:Nov.13-17/Comdex).

With a furry somewhat like that of a wildfire out of control, LPI has gone from infancy to a global organization in relatively short time. LPI encourages participation and public involvement through its mailing lists and web site. A Japanese translation of the web site is available at For information on taking the LPIC exams at an authorized testing center, visit the Virtual University Enterprise at

For Linux enthusiasts, there is finally a platform for advancing their knowledge and abilities. It now appears that Linux is here to stay, and for the Linux Professional Institute, their future looks long and brite. For a grass roots effort to come so far in such a short time, shows the true value of a world wide community working together. Stay tune and look for a lot more from this organization.

*Linux is a trademark of Linux Torvalds

*Linux Professional Institute is a trademark of Linux Professional Institute, Inc.

Copyright © 2000, Ray Ferrari
Published in Issue 57 of Linux Gazette, September 2000

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