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Creating A Linux Certification Program, Part 9

By Ray Ferrari

A Call to Action

The Linux Professional Institute(LPI) invites all Linux enthusiasts and professionals to consider certification as a means of furthering their career or increasing their earnings potential. Anyone interested in Linux certification should visit LPI's web site at The volunteers and staff of LPI along with their long list of sponsors, have spent thousands of man hours; as well as dollars; to bring a non-biased, vendor neutral testing procedure to the world.

LPI exams are now available globally in English through Virtual University Enterprises(VUE) which has 2,200 test centers; these centers are for testing only. Interested individuals should visit the LPI web site at for more information. Persons interested in Linux related training information should visit The format for testing has been changed to simplify the process. Numerous questions arise, so we have posted these frequently asked questions at

LPI is currently working on development of their Level 2 certification. A survey has been organized by professional Linux system administrators from the U.S., Canada, and Germany for the purpose of allowing as many volunteers as possible to participate in the structuring of the Level 2 tests. They need the responses of Level 2 system administrators to help them formulate the writing of these exams. Any individual who would like to participate in this phase should contact Kara Pritchard by e-mailing her at or .

Some exciting things have been happening all around the globe. This year, LPI has participated in events in France, Germany, Australia, Canada and the U.S. In April, LPI was in Chicago for the Comdex and Linux Business Expo; see At this show, almost 200 people took the Level One tests. These tests were made possible by the cooperation of Linux International, VUE, Linux Business Expo, and LPI. It was a great success, and the first time testing was performed at an exhibition. LPI is looking to further this success by its presence at future events. Other shows included Advanstar in Toronto,May 16-18(see; and Montreal Skyevents in April, (

Future events currently scheduled include a booth in the Olympia Convention Center, London, England on June 1-2(, the Linux Business Expo. in Toronto, July 12-14(, and Linux World in San Jose, California, August15-17 ( Anyone interested in volunteering to help staff these booths should contact

The Linux Professional Institute(LPI) continues to attract the attention and sponsorship from some of the most influential companies and individuals in the world. We appreciate their guidance and support and are pleased to welcome Hewlett-Packard, Mission Critical Linux, Psycmet Corporation, SmartForce Corporation, TeamLinux, and VA Linux Systems among our ever-growing list of contributors and sponsors. For a complete list of corporate and individual sponsors, please visit

For anyone interested in viewing any presentations put on by LPI, you can visit, for user group information or to find a linux group in your area, visit or

At LPI, we continue to bring you the latest on testing fundamentals and certification. We invite you to stand up and be noticed. Put some credentials beside your knowledge, and create the future in Linux. This is "a call to action." We'll see you around the next bend.

*Linux is a trademark of Linux Torvalds; Linux Professional Institute is a trademark of the Linux Professional Institute Inc.

Copyright © 2000, Ray Ferrari
Published in Issue 54 of Linux Gazette, June 2000

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