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 January 2000 Linux Journal

The January issue of Linux Journal is on newsstands now. This issue focuses on networks and communication, and has 3-D images on the theme of World Domination.

Linux Journal has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue69/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/subscribe/index.html.

For Subcribers Only: Linux Journal archives are available on-line at http://interactive.linuxjournal.com/

Distro News


Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., has announced an open-source product and support services initiative to extend Lynx into the emerging embedded Linux market space. Starting immediately, and through the coming year, Lynx will offer products and support services to address a broad range of embedded software development under the Linux operating system.

The Lynx Linux Initiative (L2I) is supported by five elements:

* BlueCat Linux, a version of Linux optimized for embedded applications developed by Lynx and offered to the open source community, available in January 2000.

* Version 4.0 of the LynxOS operating system with full binary compatibility with Linux, available in mid-2000.

* A Lynx open development environment for the Red Hat Linux host, available immediately.

* New technical support, consulting and training services for Linux developers working in embedded applications, available immediately.

* Endorsements from more than 20 software and hardware vendors in the embedded computing market.

The Lynx BlueCat Linux will be based on Red Hat Version 6.1, containing the Linux 2.2.5-15 kernel, and will be shipped with the Lynx open development environment capable of creating variations of the embedded Linux operating system, according to user requirements. The BlueCat Linux development environment will support cross development of Linux embedded applications using a PC running Red Hat Linux as the development host. Additionally, Lynx will extend Linux to include the industry-leading, high-availability technology currently available in Lynx solutions.


Ottawa, Canada - November 15, 1999 - Corel LINUX OS has been released. There are three versions of Corel LINUX OS: the no-charge download version, available today from Corel's Web site at www.corel.com; the Standard version, which will sell for a suggested retail price of US $59.95; and the Deluxe version, which will sell for a suggested retail price of US $89.95. The Standard and Deluxe English versions will start shipping in North America only on November 30, 1999 (international release dates to be announced later).

Corel LINUX OS Download version includes the Corel LINUX OS (based on Debian, www.debian.org, with the 2.2 Linux kernel); Enhanced KDE Desktop (www.kde.org) built on Qt (www.troll.no); Corel Install Express; Corel Update (formerly called Corel Package Manager); and Corel File Manager.

Corel LINUX OS Standard version includes three CDs. The main install CD includes everything in the Download version, plus Netscape Communicator; Adobe Acrobat Reader; Instant Messenger - ICQ compatible client; 20 Bitstream and Type 1 fonts; and Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux (light version). The second CD is the open circulation CD, which contains those components from the main install CD that can be freely copied without the need to purchase additional licenses. The final CD is the open circulation source code CD. The Standard version also includes Corel LINUX OS User Guide and 30-day installation support (via email).

Corel LINUX OS Deluxe version includes everything in the Standard version, plus two additional CDs. The application CD includes BRU Backup software (personal edition) and Corel WordPerfect 8 clipart. The final CD contains Civilization: Call to Power game (limited edition). Both of these CDs contain proprietary applications that cannot be copied. The Deluxe verison also includes 200 Bitstream and Type 1 fonts; Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux (full version); 30-day installation support (via email and phone); Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux User Manual; eFax Plus Service (three months free); Enhanced OSS sound drivers (4Front Technologies); and a 3 -inch Linux penguin mascot.

Corel will also offer developer support for Corel LINUX OS from www.corel.com in the next few weeks. Details on this will be posted on this Web site shortly.


VA Linux To Help Bring Debian Package To Consumers. VA Linux Systems announced this week that it will tap Loki Entertainment Software to push the Debian GNU/Linux package to consumers through retail channels...

 Red Hat

RH acquires Cygnus, names Matthew Szulik as president and CEO. Bob Young will remain as chairman.

Red Hat and Dell Pump Up Linux Agreement


Vancouver, Canada--December 15, 1999--Stormix Technologies, Inc. announces the release of Storm Linux 2000. Pre-orders are now being taken for the Standard Edition, which ships December 15, 2000 at a price of $49.95US. The download edition is available immediately at www.stormix.com . Retail packages will be available shortly from major distributors. Storm Linux 2000 builds on Debian GNU/Linux, an older version widely known for its comprehensive testing and stability.

The Standard Edition also includes 30 day telephone installation support and 120 day e-mail support. In addition, users can receive community support by joining the Stormix mailing lists at www.stormix.com/community.

Storm Linux 2000 Standard Edition also includes: Applixware Office 4.4.2 for Linux demo, PartitionMagic, VMware 1.1 (a virtual machine that allows the running of other operating systems, such as Windows, from within Linux), BRU Trial version (backup software), and Krilo (a strategy game by -BlackHoleSun Software, Inc.).


Las Vegas, NV -- 15 November 1999 -- SuSE Linux 6.3 launches December 1 with a new graphic installation program, making it even easier to get into Linux now. With one DVD or six CD-ROMs, SuSE Linux provides a current and consistent Linux operating system with over 1500 application programs included. The cost is $US 49.95.

Users get a wealth of new software. SuSE Linux 6.3 includes 230 new programs and demos as well as 180 updated packages. Hummingbird Excced, the best X-server for Windows platforms, is included as a 60-day evaluation version for Windows 95/98. With Excced, you can run Linux programs under Windows on a Linux server. With the 30-day demo version of VMware 1.1.1., you can run programs from different operating systems on one computer - simultaneously. Users also get the demo versions of the popular games "Civilization - Call to Power" and "Railroad Tycoon II."

News in General

 News from The Linux Bits

The Linux Bits is suspended for the holidays but will resume publication in January.

 Upcoming conferences & events

8th International Python Conference for the Python programming language. January 24-27, 2000. Arlington, VA. http://www.python.org/workshops/2000-01/

LinuxWorld/Linux Expo (France). February 3, 2000. Paris, France. (URL unknown)

Software Development Conference & Expo. March 19-24, 2000. San Jose, CA. http://www.sdexpo.com

"Libre" Software Meeting #1 (Rencontres mondiales du logiciels libre), sponsored by ABUL (Linux Users Bordeaux Association). July 5-9, 2000. Bordeaux, France. French: http://www.abul.org/rmll1-fr.html. English: http://www.abul.org/rmll1-uk.html.

The latest updates are on the Linux Journal events page.

 Frozen Linux (non-profit Linux directory)

I've created a linux directory site called frozenlinux at www.frozenlinux.com. It's (of course) non-profit and in need of help... mainly submissions. I believe all my cgi scripts and things like that work, and I have (I think) most of the categories that it'll need defined already... I just need people to submit sites to it. I have added some sites, but it's a very time consuming task and I can't really make a directory myself. I'd appreciate if you'd put a mention of it in your magazine or on your website, that would really help to get the ball rolling.

 New Age Entertainment requests input from the Linux community

New Age Entertainment Inc.--Toronto, Dec. 24th, 1999-- The time has come that the world recognizes the value of Linux over Microsoft Operating Systems. We are creating a tightly integrated integrated Operating System / Office Application Suite that will replace MicroSoft as THE mainstream software company. The next step is to provide a viable alternative to front and back-office programs and applications for the desktop. Integration is the key word here. To New Age, integration means input from the Linux Community. Already, the business community has demonstrated considerable in this project. We value your input, opinions, and development skills. They are necessary in order to make this truley a Linux project rather than just a business deal. Voice your opinion, you will be heard! I am the project organizer, so contact me soon: kmastin@netcom.ca Keith Mastin <kmastin@netcom.ca>.

 SGI - Itanium

SUPERCOMPUTING '99, PORTLAND, Ore. (Nov. 15, 1999) SGI (NYSE: SGI) today hosted a special session at the SuperComputing '99 conference on the future of high-performance computing and demonstrated the first-ever cluster based on the Intel IA-64 Itanium processor. The event featured speakers from the National Computational Science Alliance, Intel Corporation and SGI.

"The high-performance computing community is at a critical juncture in its history. The community will either continue down its familiar path of company proprietary software and RISC processor building blocks or begin to move toward a new model of high-performance computing based on commodity, high-volume parts and common software building blocks," said Larry Smarr, Director, National Computational Science Alliance and its leading-edge site, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). "The NCSA will aggressively pursue this new model."

 Linux Links

If you haven't heard why VA Linux Systems' IPO made front-page news, see this short story. (Their ticker symbol "LNUX" raised some eyebrows in the Linux community. Remember, folks, VA is not Linux. They are just one company offering Linux-based products. On the other hand, perhaps they will act as a counterbalance to Red Hat, who also wants to see itself as synonymous with Linux in people's minds.)

Interview with Linus

Embedded Linux portal: news about Linux in embeddedd systems.

Progressive Systems Linux firewall is free for personal use and to Linux user groups.

The Hunger Site is a place where you can donate food to the needy just by clicking. The cost is paid by their advertisers.

Reference sites: www.linuxlinks.com www.firstlinux.com

Linux: Windows competitor ... NOT! USA Today article about the difficulties in using Linux.

www.programarama.com provides comparisions of commercial and open-source software items. "Before making that sometimes costly mistake of purchasing a software package you thought would solve your problems, do your research!" The site invites companies to list their Linux products at the site.

sourceXchange officially launched December 7. SourceXchange is a site which matches up open-source developers with those wishing to hire their services.

Software Announcements

 LinuxCAD new features

As of 11/26/1999 , LinuxCAD development team rolles out the 1.99 release, in new release of LinuxCAD the following important features were added:

- XREFs or external references , a special kind of a block that may be located elsewhere in the filesystem as opposite to normal block that must be present in the drawing itself ;

- AutoLisp compatible tool has been added ;

- major improvements have been done in LinuxCAD ADS where more then 200 new functions were exposed for application developers ;

- LinuxCAD ADS already have been used to implement custom graphics and reporting (OLAP) tools on several Fortune 500 companies.

- Support for DWG format was significantly improved ;

- previously optional DXF import module was added in standard basic version of LinuxCAD.

Currently LinuCAD is one of the major Linux Application tools, it is used by thousands people worldwide.

PS. To your special consideration: it does not make sense to wait for release of real AutoCAD for Linux from Autodesk Inc. Autodesk Inc. has a strategic alliance with Microsoft and they will not do it , period. The best and the fastest way to make the Autodesk to reconsider their behaviour is to buy more copies of LinuxCAD !!!

 Complete business solution - SITEFORUM Suite

SITEFORUM Suite is everything you could imagine you would like to do with your web, come to life. Unlimited, Forums, Chat, Contact Management, Shops, Catalogs and Shopping Carts (Jan1, 2000) and intelligent email system, with centralized development, administrative and access control functionality, all dynamic and database driven out of the box ready to run on nearly any server/OS platform including Windows and Linux. SITEFORUM Suite is complete and even includes its own Webserver and database software!

Can you imagine, having your website fill in your contact database automatically, replying to emails without your intervention or providing a self perpetuating client support base with discussion forums, building a community around your products and services? Engage in real time discussions with clients on your website with live chat, automatically process orders and sales and many more, distinctive features not available in any single solution, anywhere.


WASHINGTON, DC - December 8, 1999 - Signiform today announced the release of ThoughtTreasure 0.00022, a new version of its comprehensive natural language/commonsense platform for building question answering services, information extraction systems, and world-aware applications. ThoughtTreasure 0.00022 contains a natural language parser and generator hooked up to a knowledge base and lexicon of 25,000 concepts, 55,000 English and French words and phrases, and 50,000 assertions.

New features of ThoughtTreasure 0.00022 include scripts, a web-enabled knowledge base, and easy-to-use knowledge base flat files. Scripts are machine-understandable representations of typical activities such as going swimming or making a dinner reservation.

For more information on ThoughtTreasure, please visit http://www.signiform.com/tt/htm/tt.htm


The ThoughtTreasure server runs on Linux and supports Java and Python clients. To download a copy of the ThoughtTreasure 0.00022 distribution for noncommercial use, visit www.signiform.com/tt/htm/download.htm. For information about obtaining a commercial license, contact sales@signiform.com.

 Other software

The Xi Graphics hardware-accelerated 3-D X-server supports more than thirty different 3D video cards.

HTMLDOC v1.8.2 produces indexed HTML, PDF and PostScript files. GPL. Commercial support available for $99.

ILOG has ported its entire line of embeddable optimization, visualization and rules engines in Java and C++ to Red Hat and SuSE Linux, for use in e-commerce applications.

Sun is releasing a version of the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) for Linux.

Quick Restore 2.6 is "the first enterprise-ready, heterogeneous, network backup and recovery solution for Linux servers".

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Published in Issue 49 of Linux Gazette, January 2000
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