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 August 1999 Linux Journal

The August issue of Linux Journal will be hitting the newsstands in mid-July. This issue focuses on Graphics with an article about flight simulators one about game ports at Loki, and one about Motif/Lesstif application development. Linux Journal now has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue64/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/ljsubsorder.html.

For Subcribers Only: Linux Journal archives are now available on-line at http://interactive.linuxjournal.com/


News from EDUCAUSE: Edupage, 26 May 1999

A federal judge has indicated that he may rule in favor of Sun Microsystems in the company's copyright battle with Microsoft , allowing Sun to keep control of its Java programming language. The ongoing legal battle between Sun and Microsoft arose from concerns that Microsoft violated its licensing agreement with Sun for use of Java's source code by altering Java to run more effectively on the Windows operating system. U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte wrote that he will most likely rule in favor of Sun, preventing Microsoft and other companies from changing Java to run certain software products better than others. Some analysts speculate that the court loss may not deter Microsoft, but will instead provide the company with incentive to stop using Java or even to develop an alternative. (Los Angeles Times 05/26/99)

IBM plans to adjust its AIX operating system to support Linux applications. This will allow IBM customers to store all of their Web applications on one server, the company says. IBM's Robert LeBlanc says, "As more customers move to the Web, they'll need to integrate applications." Enabling AIX to run Linux will help customers simplify and manage growing networks, says LeBlanc. IBM's modified version of AIX will be released by the end of this year, the company says. Analysts say IBM and Sun, which modified Solaris to support Linux, are ensuring that they will be able to take advantage of any Linux Web applications that may become popular in the future. In addition to the AIX changes, IBM plans to ship its DB2 software with Pacific HiTech's TurboLinux version of Linux. Pacific HiTech will package IBM's WebSphere software with TurboLinux by the end of 1999, says IBM's Dick Sullivan. (Bloomberg 05/25/99)

 Ecrix's VXA-1 Tape Drive to Ship with Penguin Computing's Linux Servers

Boulder, CO - June 8, 1999 - Ecrix Corporation today announced a key partnership with Penguin Computing Inc., the Linux reliability leader and the nation's largest and fastest-growing company focused exclusively on turnkey Linux solutions. According to the agreement, Penguin will offer Ecrix's highly reliable VXA-1 tape drive on all of its Linux servers, providing an exciting new data backup and restore option for its customers. Based on Ecrix's groundbreaking VXA technology, the VXA-1 tape drive delivers major advances over conventional tape technology, offering users unprecedented data restore capabilities. The VXA-1 tape drive is the price/performance leader in its market, with 66GB of capacity, 6MB/second data transfer speed, and an MSRP of $1,295. The partnership with Penguin Computing enables Ecrix to begin penetrating the fast-growing Linux market, and provides Penguin's customers with leading-edge tape drive products.

 SuSE Launches Business Partner Program

Nuremberg, Germany -- June 4, 1999 -- Today, SuSE GmbH, the parent company of SuSE Inc., began offering a Business Partner Program targeted specifically at Linux system integrators and consultants. This program is in addition to the recently-announced VAR and ISV Partner Programs launched at Spring Comdex '99 by SuSE Inc.

The Business Partner Program includes priority support, training, a moderated private on-line forum, and access to a knowledge base, among other features. Qualified Partners are those who seek to offer Linux services and want to benefefit from association with the SuSE brand.

Those interested in applying for the SuSE Business Partner Program should contact SuSE by sending e-mail to business-partner@suse.de or calling +49 911 740 53 56 (Europe). Those interested in the VAR and ISV programs should send email to info@suse.com or call 1-510-835-7873 (U.S.).

 LinuxMall.com Partners with Workstation 2000

LinuxMall.com is pleased to announce our partnership with Workstation 2000. Workstation 2000 is a California-based provider of Linux workstations, notebooks and servers. Workstation 2000 combines high-quality hardware with the Linux OS to provide solutions for small business, corporations, educational institutions and personal use.

The Workstation 2000 Developer Station is the ideal workhorse for productivity under Linux. The Developer Station base system is equipped with a 400 MHz Pentium II processor, Intel SE440-BX motherboard, 64 MB of RAM and a 4 GB EIDE hard disk. All that horsepower is tucked into a quality mid-tower case with an 8 MB AGP video card, 10/100 Ethernet card and a 40x CD-ROM.

Learn more about the Workstation 2000 Developer Station: http://www.LinuxMall.com/products/01112.html

 Magic Software to Send Linux Developers to Meet the Penguins

Magic Software Enterprises announced that it will award a free 10-day cruise for two to Antarctica to the developer who builds the best e-commerce solution for the Linux platform using Magic, the company's highly productive development technology. The contest, titled The Magic for Linux Really Cool Contest, runs from May 20, 1999 through October 15, 1999, with all entry forms due no later than September 30, 1999. Comp lete details on the contest can be obtained through the company's website, http://www.magic-sw.com.

Magic is also on the board of directors of Linux International.

Magic also announced new technology bringing interactive processing to web applications. They will be demonstrating it at Linux World in August.

 UseNetServer.Com allowing Linux users free access to their NNTP servers

UseNetServer.Com has made the decision to convert our NNTP systems to Linux from MS Windows NT. In doing this we are opening up our servers to the Linux Community for propagation of important information. UseNetServer.Com is allowing all users interested in Linux newsgroup issues free access to our servers. Your login / password is linux / free connecting to Linux-news.usenetserver.com ( or news2.usenetserver.com (

We have found several major bugs in the kernel which Alan Cox and Stephen Tweedie have quickly resolved for us. Allowing commercial grade news to the Linux community will speed the dissemination of Linux patches and problems. If you have any new news groups you would like added to the hierarchy drop me an email at usenet@exectech.net and we will include them. Joe Devita, and his crew of propeller heads at the Linux General Store (http://www.linuxgeneralstore.com) in Atlanta helped install and solve all of our problems. Please note we are still working Rob Fleischmann with BCandid (Highwind Software) to resolve some of their software issues with Linux.

UseNetServer is peering with all the major NNTP providers to include SuperNew, UUNet, SprintNet, and many other smaller providers. This provides a near real time feed of this information, so you don't have to wait on your slow local server for the data. I have added 70gb dedicated to just the Linux groups, this will spool up to a ton of information for you. If you are overseas, you can still connect to our servers as we are very well connected via NetRail a tier-1 internet provider. We have terrific speed to the UK and Asia which multiple DS-3s connected to MAE-East and MAE-West. Check us out. http://www.usenetserver.com, we're a small company trying to help out a big community. We look forward to your comments on this free access.

 Linux certification exams

June 3, 1999, Raleigh, NC-- The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), an industry-wide group developing a professional certification program for Linux, is pleased to announce the creation of its corporate sponsorship program and a number of early sponsors. LPI also welcomes the addition of several new members to its Advisory Council, including IBM, ExecuTrain and CompUSA.

Two sponsorship plans, for corporations and individuals, have been introduced to allow anyone to assist the LPI in its goal of creating a high-quality, vendor-neutral program. LPI aims to deliver its first certification exams in July 1999.

"While we have heavily depended on the volunteer community in the spirit of other Linux projects, putting together a respected certification program requires a substantial investment," said Chuck Mead, LPI Director of Corporate Relations. "The financial support of the Linux community is crucial to our program's timeliness and credibility."

The LPI corporate sponsorship program allows for donations from $1,000 to more than $50,000. Individual sponsorships allow for donations from $100 to $1,000.

Current sponsors include Caldera, LinuxCare, SuSE, Digital Creations, Jon 'maddog' Hall, Richard Ames, and others.

A full description of sponsor benefits and other features of the program, can be found at http://www.lpi.org/sponsorship.html on the LPI website.

 Sair - Weiley Linux and GNU certification program

New York, NY May 3, 1999 Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. today announced its partnership with Sair, Inc., to publish a series of test preparation guides for the Sair Linux and GNU Certification program.

Dr. P. Tobin Maginnis, noted Linux researcher and President and Founder of the Oxford, Mississippi-based Sair, Inc., has put together an advisory board of Linux industry leaders to develop an authoritative, non-proprietary certification program. The comprehensive, four-level training and testing program is aimed at information technology professionals in the private and public sectors. Students will acquire high-level skills and in-depth knowledge of Linux, the fastest growing open source operating system in the world.


 German thin client developer opens office in Hong Kong

IGEL GmbH from Germany - expert developer of thin client technology (embedded systems) based on Linux OS - expands in the Asia Pacific market with the establishment of "IGEL Asia Limited" in Hong Kong, opening May, 1999.

IGEL GMBH is expanding in the Asia Pacific region to accommodate growth and a need to be closer to the major OEM production centers in Asia. CEO, Franz Hintermayr said that IGEL currently works with a large number of international clients, some of whom have strong ties as well as production in Asia. One of the aims of having an office in Hong Kong is to work more closely and effectively with these existing and potential partners in that region. Apart from the OEM business IGEL seeks to further develop ties with telecoms, ISP's and distribution channels for its range of products and services. IGEL products will also be localized, for which a local development team will be set up, to specifically target markets such as China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan; which use the double byte character set. The operation in Hong Kong will be managed by Mr. Jean Louis van der Velde, who has been active in the IT business in Asia for the past 12 years.

IGEL, established in 1989, is one of today's most innovative vendors of computer technology. These technologies include JNT for embedded systems, Etherminal Thin Client products, internet decoders, and IGEL clock soft-and hardware products for professional time synchronization. For more Information please refer to the IGEL web-site at www.igel.de or the mirror site www.igelasia.com

 Renting software

Ottawa, Canada -- June 9, 1999 -- Corel Corporation is pleased to announce that it is joining forces with Channelware, a business unit of Nortel Networks to rent its award-winning software applications to customers. This initiative joins the first program involving distribution of Channelware's NetActive software through retail stores.

Corel Print House Magic 4 NetActive Version will be available for customers to rent at select Blockbuster locations in Austin, Texas, and Anchorage, Alaska, starting in June. "Channelware invented secure Software Activation and we are proud to be teaming up with them in this breakthrough initiative," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. "The dynamics of the computer world are changing rapidly, and we are keen to use this rental technology to allow our customers to access our products more easily - even without leaving their houses. This is an innovation in the software industry."

Channelware's NetActive technology will be embedded in the Corel software, making it possible for customers to rent the software for 72 hours. Once the customer brings the CD-ROM home and launches the application, the software will connect to the Channelware Activation Server. A one-time InstanceKey is then delivered over the Web in seconds. The key enables the customer to start using the software. The NetActive system keeps track of how long the customer uses the software, and offers the customer options for extended use.

Unlike standard video rentals, the customer will keep the software rental CD after the initial rental is over. After the rental period, the user has the option to: rent the software again; buy the right to use the rented software on a perpetual basis; or buy retail versions of Corel Print House Magic online and have the shrinkwrap versions of the product delivered to the door. The 72-hour rental has a suggested retail price (SRP) of US $5.99; re-renting costs US $3.99. Customers can buy Corel Print House Magic 4 NetActive Version on a perpetual basis for US $29.95*.

 Free Linux training materials

GBdirect, Europe's leading provider of Linux training, today announced the release of free Linux training materials. Lecture notes for the first four modules of their ``Linux Systems'' training course are now available on the web (www.linuxtraining.co.uk). The cover:

  1. An Overview of a Linux System
  2. The Linux Filesystem
  3. The Linux Command Line Interface
  4. Basic Linux Tools

Each module consists of 20-25 pages of bullet-pointed lecture notes followed by graduated exercises. Experienced commercial instructors should be able to deliver the lecture notes in about 1 hour, leaving between 1 and 2 hours for practical work based on the exercises. In addition to good teaching skills, the users of these materials are expected to have sound knowledge of the Linux and UNIX operating systems.

In the interests of good citizenship, the modules are distributed in low-bandwidth, open-source, formats.

GBdirect's primary motivation for releasing thse notes as open source software is to ensure their widest possible dissemination. A secondary motivation is the company's desire to `give something back' to the community which provides them with virtually all of their office software.

The company hope that others will contribute to the Linux Training Materials Project, by authoring their own lecture notes or by modifying those which GBdirect have contributed. To encourage such participation, GBdirect are releasing their materials under an open source licence derived from the Linux Documentation Project. This allows end-users to copy and distribute the lecture notes as the please, but protects the copyrights of their original authors.

 Pacific HiTech renamed to TurboLinux

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8 -- Pacific HiTech, the leader in high-performance Linux, today announced it has officially changed its name to TurboLinux, Inc. The change in the corporate identity marks the next milestone in the company's ramp-up of its North American operations in the wake of recent major alliance announcements with IBM and Computer Associates.

"We are determined to be a key catalyst in fueling the adoption of Linux worldwide and have demonstrated our ability to do this successfully in the Pacific Rim," said Cliff Miller, CEO of TurboLinux. "Building on that success by extending our presence into the North American market and other global markets represents the logical next steps for us. Our name change reflects our larger, global role beyond the Pacific Rim."

TurboLinux is quickly emerging as a dominant, global player in the Linux industry with offices in the U.S, Japan, China and Australia. Its product is currently the fastest growing operating system platform in Japan, with more than two million units of TurboLinux distributed in the past 18 months via retail and wholesale channels, hardware OEM programs, and book and magazine bundling. When TurboLinux 3.0 was introduced in Asia in December, it outsold Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT (2000) at Japanese retail point of sale outlets, according to the high technology analyst firm Computer News. Further, the product was voted "Editor's Choice Award for 1998" by Byte Magazine in Japan.

The company's web sites is www.turbolinux.com or, in Japanese, at www.pht.co.jp.

TurboLinux also announced it will be the first Linux provider to sign an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) software agreement with Sendmail for Sendmail Pro. TurboLinux will integrate and bundle Sendmail Pro with an enterprise Linux mail server product to be introduced later this year. TurboLinux will provide Sendmail support to Linux customers in Japan.

 TurboLinux 3.6 distribution released

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- TurboLinux, the leader in high-performance Linux, today announced it is shipping its newest English language offering, TurboLinux Workstation 3.6.

Based on the 2.2.9 Linux kernel, TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 retails for $49.95 and is currently available from the company's web site at www.turbolinux.com. It will be available in North America through retail outlets and resellers later this summer.

"TurboLinux is best known as the Linux leader in the Pacific Rim through our Japanese and Chinese language products," said Cliff Miller, president and CEO of TurboLinux. "TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 is the first of a series of forthcoming Linux offerings that are designed to meet the needs of high performance Linux users in North America and illustrate our ongoing commitment to this market. On TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 we've also improved the installer that Forbes Online and other reviewers described as the best in the market."

TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 includes Netscape's latest version 4.6 browser and an easy-to-install RPM version of Corel's popular WordPerfect 8 for Linux. Other popular office productivity software for Linux and a comprehensive suite of developer tools are also included. For increased flexibility, TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 users can choose between the default TurboDesk desktop environment or the latest GNOME or KDE windows managers.

TurboLinux Workstation 3.6 ships with an all-new, 300-page user's guide. In addition to the installation and source CDs, users also receive a Companion CD packed with popular Linux applications and utilities, including Tripwire, Staroffice 5.0 and X-win32. TurboLinux provides 60 days of free installation support.

 Corel and Rebel.com Sponsor Ottawa Linux Symposium

Ottawa, Canada- June 15, 1999- Corel Corporation and Rebel.com are hosting the 1st annual Ottawa Linux Symposium in Ottawa from July 22 to July 24, 1999.

The Ottawa Linux Symposium, run by Achilles Internet Ltd., will provide the opportunity for Linux developers and system administrators to expand their knowledge of the Linux operating system. The event is for anyone who is interested in the technology behind Linux and will feature a number of prominent speakers from the Linux community. The keynote speaker for the event is Alan Cox, one of the primary Linux developers. Mr. Cox is the maintainer for the AC series of leading-edge Linux patches.

Achilles has invited 350 Linux developers from all around the world. The list of speakers is impressive, including: Pat Beirne of Corel Corporation; Alex deVries of The Puffin Group Inc.; Zach A. Brown of Red Hat Software Ltd.; Stephane Eranian of Hewlett-Packard; Miguel de Icaza of GNOME Support; Richard Guy Briggs of Free S/WAN; and Mike Shaver of Mozilla.org.

 Benchmark specialist invites Red Hat and Microsoft to a rematch

Chicago, IL -(June 17 1999) - Neal Nelson, benchmark guru and founder of the world's largest independent client/server testing facility, has extended an invitation to Microsoft and Red Hat to participate in an open, public performance comparison between hot operating system rivals Windows NT and Linux.

Nelson issued the invitation as a result of a recently published study sponsored by Microsoft.* One of the conclusions of the study is that "Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 is 2.5 times faster than Linux as a File Server and 3.7 times faster as a Web Server."

Many have questioned the test results because different tuning levels were used for NT than those used with Linux. For example, NT was tested with NT tuning, benchmarking and technical support from Microsoft, as well as Internet Information Server 4.0 tuning information from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.

Linux however, received almost no additional tuning, support or involvement from Linux-based technical sources. The testing lab cited difficulty in obtaining tuning information from Linux knowledge bases, and a query with Red Hat ended up going through the wrong channels.

This has outraged the growing base of Linux supporters who are clamoring for an unbiased test, one that is not sponsored by either Microsoft or Linux.

*Study conducted by Mindcraft, Inc., a software testing company based in Los Gatos, CA

 32BitsOnline.com Merges with Bleeding Edge Magazine

VANCOUVER, BC - June 17, 1999 - Medullas Publishing Company, parent company of 32BitsOnline Magazine (http://www.32bitsonline.com/) and Linux Applications (http://www.linuxapps.com/) today announced that it has acquired Bleeding Edge Magazine (http://www.gcs.bc.ca/bem/). Under the term of the agreement, Bleeding Edge will join 32BitsOnline Magazine as its news information source for software development.

Like 32BitsOnline, Bleeding Edge will continue to centrally focus on developing open source application for Linux. In addition to application development, Bleeding Edge will also focus in delivering articles on gaming development.

 New site offers free personal file storage for linux users

Mill Valley, CA, JUNE//99 - Linux users can now get 25 Megs of free disk space for their files accessible from any computer on the Internet. FreeLinuxSpace.com, a new website service from FreeDiskSpace, offers subscribers free a virtual folders system, where they can upload, store and download all types of files into their personal secured area. "For Linux users this service alleviates the need for setting up floppy, zip, or hardware drives," it also gives business people and students the ability to store files securely and share files with colleagues worldwide", said Ari Freeman, CMO of FreeDiskSpace.

The FreeLinuxSpace folder service includes password protection, file descriptions, multiple file downloads, free trial versions of software programs and requires no FTP software. Folders can be upgraded to include high security protection through "https" and shared folder access to unlimited amount of users.

To get 25 free Megs of online file storage and to learn more about the sites. Go to FreeDiskSpace.com or FreeLinuxSpace.com.

 Linux Press new series: Linux Resource Series

PENNGROVE, CA (June 29, 1999) - Linux Press today introduced its newest line of books, the *Linux Resource Series*. Designed to provide comprehensive documentation for the latest Linux distributions and concepts, the Linux Resource Series will enable users of all levels to access Linux information.

First in the series is The Installation and Getting Started Guides for Red Hat Linux 6.0. Based on Red Hat's latest Linux 6.0 distribution, the two user manuals have been combined into one handy volume. Also included are two Red Hat Linux 6.0 CD-ROMs that contain the Linux operating system, the source code and a selection of over 600 packages such as C/C++ compilers, programming languages, Internet Server, utilities, editors and much more. Bonus files include a commercial-grade backup program and disk partitioning tools.

"The Installation and Getting Started Guides for Red Hat Linux 6.0" provide information on the following significant subjects: Installation, Package Selection with RPM, System Administration, System Configuration, Latest Stable 2.2.x Kernel, Networking, GNOME and KDE Window Managers, and Enhanced Font Support.

 Linux Links

Linux Knowledge Base: http://linuxkb.cheek.com/
(many forms of Linux documentation including the HOWTOs, Gazette articles, and third-party documentation.

The Linux Guide, a comprehensive compendium of Linux terms and definitions: http://www.linuxlinks.com/guide/

Red Hat's imminent IPO (stock offering): http://www.redhat.com/corp/press_ipo.html. Check the Red Hat home page for updates.

A Linux web camera: http://www.linuxcam.com/, http://www.musiqueplus.com/

Applix's new Linux division (newsalert.com article): http://www.newsalert.com/bin/story?StoryId=Cn2CHqbKbyteXotm

Free web-based e-mail, run on a Linux server: http://www.linuxmail.org/

Canadian Linux site, with links to lots of Linux information: http://www.linuxcanada.net

Server administration system for schools (kindergarten through high school): http://k12admin.cmsd.bc.ca/

Home Depot testing Linux for mushrooming PC volume (computerworld article): http://www.computerworld.com/home/print.nsf/CWFlash/990621B00E

Extensive IDG interview with Linus (SunWorld article): http://www.sunworld.com/swol-06-1999/swol-06-torvalds.html?0621a

TheLinuxStore Comes to www.onsale.com (Yahoo article): http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/990621/ca_onsale__1.html

Software Announcements

 C.O.L.A news

 Cygnus introduces Code Fusion IDE for Linux

PC EXPO, N.Y., June 21, 1999 - Cygnus Solutions, the leader in open-source software, today unveiled Cygnus Code Fusion‘ for Linux, the industry's highest performance1, most complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux developers. Code Fusion IDE makes it possible for developers familiar with programming on Windows platforms to quickly become productive in developing for Linux.

The Code Fusion IDE is optimized for the Intel2 Architecture to provide developers the tools required for building the fastest applications possible. This complete Linux IDE tightly integrates C, C++, and Java3 programming languages with a robust graphical user interface (GUI) to enhance developer productivity and reduce software product time-to-market. Cygnus Code Fusion supports all major Linux distributions to offer Linux developers the most flexibility in development on and for Linux.

With Code Fusion, Cygnus combines the latest Cygnus-certified, open-source GNU tools release with an intuitive graphical IDE framework. The performance and functionality of the Code Fusion IDE -- featuring a C, C++, and Java tools project manager, editor, graphical browsers and the Cygnus Insight‘ debugger interface, is being demonstrated for the first time at PC Expo in the Linux Pavilion at the Cygnus Booth, 1525-27.

Cygnus Code Fusion for Linux will be shipped in July 1999 and is priced at $299. Code Fusion IDE features a simple installation of all necessary tools to develop software on Linux, including printed and on-line documentation and 30-day installation support upon registration. Code Fusion will be available for purchase online at www.cygnus.com/linux and through the Cygnus Partner Program.

Cygnus also announced plans to release the source code to Cygnus Insight, a graphical user interface (GUI) for the industry-standard GNU debugger, GDB. Known in programming circles as GDBtk, the Cygnus Insight GUI provides the technology for effective and efficient debug sessions by improving a software developer's ability to visualize, manage, and examine the status of a program as it is debugged. The source code for Cygnus Insight debugger will be available from Cygnus in July on http://sourceware.cygnus.com/gdb.

 Cygnus launches subscription service for open source software

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 8, 1999 - Cygnus Solutions, the leader in open-source software, today announced the immediate availability of Sourceware‘ CD, a subscription program for the open-source software projects hosted by Cygnus at http://sourceware.cygnus.com. The Sourceware CD provides convenient access to the latest open-source technologies, such as eCos (Embedded Cygnus Operating System), the EGCS compiler, GDB debugger, and Cygwin, which are currently available on the sourceware.cygnus.com Web site. Sourceware.cygnus.com is an open-source Web resource for software developers around the world that provides infrastructural software technologies intended to establish a common, open standard platform for software development. The Sourceware CD provides a complete snapshot of sources and selected binaries for:

∑ Cygwin - a UNIX API for Win32 systems,
∑ eCos - the Embedded Cygnus Operating System,
∑ EGCS Compiler project - features industry leading embedded compiler
∑ GDB - industry leading embedded and native debugger,
∑ Open-Source Tools for the Java  Language - a developer toolkit and
Mauve, a test suite for Java class libraries,
∑ binutils, libstdc++, GNATS, automake, autoconf and other open source
sponsored projects.

The Cygnus Sourceware CD is immediately available and is priced at $19.99 for a single snapshot, or $69.99 for an annual CD subscription (domestic customers only) that includes four quarterly shipments of the latest source code from all Sourceware projects. Sourceware CDs can be ordered immediately at www.cygnus.com/sourcewarecd or http://sourceware.cygnus.com/.

 iServer: a Web/Application Server Written Entirely in Java

Kearny, NJ. - June 27, 1999 - Servertec today announced the availability of a new release of iServer, a small, fast, scalable and easy to administer platform independent Web/Application Server written entirely in JavaTM.

iServer is the perfect Web Server for serving static Web pages and a powerful Application Server for generating dynamic, data driving Web pages using Java Servlets, iScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Server Side Includes (SSI).

iServer is now more scalable than ever, it can use any JDBC accessible database to store users, groups, access rights and access control lists, as well as, log client requests, server events and errors. The release also features support for JSDK 2.1, invoker servlet, an expanded API, bug fixes and updates to administrator and documentation.

iServer preview release is available for free at http://www.servertec.com (connect-time charges may apply).

 Compaq to Offer Linux Software Tools from Cygnus

VARVISION, San Diego, CA, May 26, 1999  Cygnus Solutions, the leader in open-source software, today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation plans to make available the Cygnus Professional Linux Developers Kit online to members of the Compaq Solutions Alliance (CSA).  Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Linux, Cygnus Source-Navigator for Linux, and future Linux software development products from Cygnus will be available to more than 3,500 independent software vendors, consultants and systems integrators who are members of the CSA program. Cygnus is also offering CSA members the industry=92s first Linux support package for GNUPro tools.  Given the growing demand for Linux products, any software developer, software consultant, or system integrator can evaluate Cygnus=92 Linux products at the CSA Test Drive New Technologies web site (www.compaq.com/csa/).  Members can then link to Cygnus to purchase the software at special pricing.

 Canto Media Asset Management (MAM) solution

May 26, 1999 (Berlin)- Canto Software, creator of Cumulus, the award-winnin g Media Asset Management (MAM) solution, announced support for the Linux operating system to be made available by the end of this year. The company will expand what it already the broadest platform support for a media asset management solution.



Linux STREAMS (LiS) version 2.2 is now available.

Documentation: http://email.gcom.com/LiS/
Download: ftp://ftp.gcom.com/pub/linux/src/LiS-2.2/LiS-2.2.tgz

Support for 2.2.x kernels. Better loadable module support. Support for kerneld. Some bug fixes. Better documentation.

 Xref-Speller v.93.4

Xref-Speller v.93.4 for Linux is now available at addresses:

Primary site: http://www.xref.sk/
Mirror site: http://guma.ii.fmph.uniba.sk/xref/

Xref-Speller is a source browsing and advanced editing package intended for C and Java software developers.

 e-smith server and gateway

The e-smith server and gateway is a special distribution of Linux that installs on a PC in about 10 minutes, automatically converting it into a Internet thin communications server (SMTP, POP3, web, security, routing, etc. services). Installation is 100% automatic. A graphical user interface makes it very simple to configure the server and administer the network. We designed the product to be usable by enterprises without Linux expertise. It's an open source product, available for free download, or on CDROM with a manual for $40. We sell support contracts on it (ninety days for $195 / one year for $390).


 eSoft inks liscensing pact with HP for "redphish"

BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 21, 1999 - eSoft Inc. (NASDAQ Small Caps: ESFT), the company that develops Internet access solutions for small businesses, today announced it has entered into a software licensing agreement with Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), one of the world's leading computer corporations. This is the first agreement for redphish(tm), the Linux(tm) licensing program recently unveiled by eSoft and is expected to total up to $500,000 in development and licensing fees.

eSoft Inc. was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Broomfield, Colo. eSoft provides a family of Internet appliances and services that enable small to medium-sized business to harness the full power of the Internet. The TEAM Internet family of products is designed for businesses with up to 200 workstations and provides low-cost, LAN-to-Internet connectivity and includes a range of featus, irencluding e-mail, Web browsing, firewall security, a Web server, remote access and virtual private network (VPN) functionality. Contact eSoft at 295 Interlocken Blvd., #500, Broomfield, Colo., 80021, USA; 303-444-1600 phone; 303-444-1640 fax; www.esoft.com. TEAM Internet is a registered trademark of eSoft Inc.

 Other Products

ACIS First 3D Modeling Engine To Offer LIN UX Port: http://www.spatial.com

NetBeans announces integrated EJB, CORBA and XML support in Java 2 Technology Development Suite: www.netbeans.com

Kaffe will be the first Java Virtual Machine to run Microsoft Java extensions on non-MS operating systems (newsalert.com article): http://www.newsalert.com/bin/story?StoryId=Cn2r:qbWbtLLnmdG3

SGMLtools 1.0.10 available for download: http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~casantos/SGMLtools/
[Please download in the late evening to conserve bandwidth.]

South African vendor of Linux distributions: http://www.os2.co.za/software

Published in Linux Gazette Issue 43, July 1999

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