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Linux Expo a Smashing Success!

By Norman M. Jacobowitz

For three days of May (28, 29, 30), the normally tranquil Duke University Campus was transformed into a raucous playground for geeks and hackers as the Fourth Annual Linux Expo was held at Duke's Bryan Center.

By all accounts, this year's Expo was a smashing success. Red Hat's Marketing Director, Lisa Sullivan, deserves special thanks for organizing and directing the event. Many others, from Key Note Speaker Linus Torvalds to the blue-shirted Duke University catering staff, were instrumental in making it a memorable three days.

According to Sullivan, approximately 1500 visitors were registered as paid attendees, while another 350 to 500 were registered as speakers, VIPs or other gratis attendees. Attendees ranged from as far away as Korea, Finland, Colombia and Alaska. Some 34 exhibitors showed their products and services.

Some of the speakers included:

Some exhibitors included:

Of course, the single most popular event was Friday evening's keynote address by Linus Torvalds. An estimated 1000 to 1200 folks were on hand. In his typically unpretentious, casual and brutally honest style, Linus filled us in on his future vision for the Linux kernel. Linus first took a moment to thank everyone who has helped him with the stable kernel releases, especially Alan Cox. Linus went on to say he is happy with the way Linux is going, especially with the way new markets are opening up and new applications are being made available.

Here are some highlights of Linus's views on important topics for the future of the Linux Kernel:

Of course, Linus had much more to say, but the gist of his speech was that with more time and some more good luck, Linux will continue to move towards complete world domination. Judging from the air of excitement and the buzz of optimism pervading this year's Linux Expo, Linus is exactly right.

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Published in Issue 30 of Linux Gazette, July 1998