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Every GLUE User Group To Receive Free Copy of BRU 2000 Backup And Restore Utility

Linux Expo, Research Triangle Park, NC (April 4, 1997) - Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. announced today that Groups of Linux Users Everywhere (GLUE) will provide a free copy of the new BRU 2000 backup and restore utility to GLUE user groups.

BRU 2000 offers year 2000 compliant network backup capabilities for UNIX systems along with support for backups of Windows, Windows NT, and Macintosh systems. The new BRU for X11 graphical interface offers the simplicity of point-and-click operation that makes it easy for UNIX system administrators to reliably and conveniently backup and restore data across departmental and enterprise networks.

"We are enabling GLUE to distribute a not-for-resale copy of BRU to every GLUE user group to acknowledge the excellent response we've received from the Linux community," said Ted Cook, President and CEO of Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. "As the Linux community becomes increasingly familiar with BRU's 'Backup You Can Trust' capabilities, we're certain that BRU will remain the leading backup utility for Linux systems."

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. has joined Linux International as a corporate member and is also offering members of GLUE user groups a 10-percent discount on purchases of BRU 2000.

"We are happy to extend Enhanced Software's generous offer of a BRU 2000 not-for-resale sample to our member groups. This offer reflects Enhanced Software's commitment to the health and growth of the Linux community, and is representative of the philosophies and tenets of the Linux operating system," said Lydia Kinata of GLUE.

About Groups of Linux Users Everywhere

GLUE is a project of SSC, publishers of Linux Journal. GLUE was implemented to provide a world-wide member group for Linux User Groups. GLUE member groups receive a subscription, materials for promoting and developing their group, a way of advertising their group in a global setting, list-serv and Linux Group location services, and discounts and samples from SSC and Linux Journal. Other vendors may also offer special services or discounts to GLUE member groups.

About Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc.

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Tempe, Arizona, is a leading provider of high-reliability systems utilities, known for both product excellence and outstanding customer support. EST has been continuously developing and providing BRU (Backup and Restore Utility) for the UNIX market since 1985. Contact Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. at PH: (602) 820-0042, FAX: (602) 491-0865, E-mail:, or Web: