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¶: Greetings From The Editorial Scissors
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The Journey to Journaling
pack your fs' diary seperately
(?)kpppconfig --or--
Networking in an Alternate Universe
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(¶) Greetings from The Editorial Scissors

What a week. I looked high and low and all over the offices. Those editors have gone and left me here to deal with everything on my own. Luckily I have quite a bit of practice at the grindstone and keeping my wits sharp.

I thought I was being a shear genius when it occurred to me to check the back room and see if the Answer Gang was in there. This is their column, after all. I'm sure they'd lend me a hand. I can snip right through this thing.

Imagine my surprise when there just aren't any people to be found around here at all. They must be off at a conference or something. I can't even find Ben's dark glasses.

Ok. fine. I can do it. I'm the Editor's Scissors and I've seen all of the good stuff that have ended up in /dev/cuttingroom as the great stuff makes it to print. I raided the loose bits on the desk (I made nice use of this old SCSI adaptor for that!) and I've rounded up a few buddies to make up for the missing Answer Gang. I do believe you'll recognize a few of these characters. To introduce any that you don't recognize, I've (as per the editing guidelines) included their bios.

For extra credit, if you can solve the mystery of who all these figures are standing in for, feel free to send our staff a note. I'm sure when they've stopped fooling around they'll see I've done a fair job.

Hoping to be back in the editor's hands next month... have a great one, readers!

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