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Paul Evans' Secret Tools article in June's Linux Gazette was revised June 7. The originally-published version was not the author's final. If you read the article at the beginning of June, you may want to read it again to see what's been added.

Not The Answer Gang

Routers vs. hubs --or-- folksongs and filksongs

Answered By Iron, Ben Okopnik and Chris Gianakopoulos

(!) [Iron] In any case, it's *certainly* a lot more topical than Ben and I chatting away about folk songs!

(!) [Heather] At this point, there are folk songs about free software, but no querent has asked about 'em yet.

(!) [Chris] All right, let's hear those folk songs about free software. What instruments do you use. Are teletypes used instead of drums? Are radios placed near computers for the melody? (You know -- the tones from the speaker) And, of course, who sings those songs? I'll be yet another curious querent.
[Astute readers will remember that Heather published her own autobiographical filksong, The Programmer's Daughter, in June's Answer Gang. -Iron.]

(?) A/C

Answered By Iron

(!) i have problem in logging to my A/C. What should i do?

(!) [Iron] You have a problem logging into your air conditioner? Or is your alternating-current generator is going haywire?

(?) Did Microsoft invent Linux?

Answered by Iron

(!) Microsoft has endorsed Linux in the past. If you will remember, Linus Tovalds developed Linux on a Microsoft research grant using kernel code developed in Redmond by Microsoft's famous "Blue Team". At the time, no one at Microsoft thought the code was going anywhere so they let Linus have it and, of course, the rest is history. SO, anytime you fire up Linux, give a hearty thanks to the people who made it possible - Bill Gates and his buddies in Redmond.
(!) [Iron] Linus has publicly stated several times that he wrote Linux as an exercise to learn how to program his 386 CPU. The book _Just for Fun_ is a biography of him and includes the details. The initial code all came out of his head. It was partially a reverse-engineering of Minix, combined with adding whatever features were necessary to get Unix applications like GNU CC to run. If anything, the code may have gone the other way. There are allegations that Microsoft has borrowed code from Linux. I won't believe it until there's proof (or at least a reasonable specificity of what exactly they might have gotten--proof is difficult when you don't have the source), but if it's true, it would violate the GPL, which forbids GPL'd code from being used in a closed-source project.

Well I got this statement from the following link:,10732,113210-844545,00.html

(!) [Iron] It's either a joke or the guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

World of Spam

Linux Gazette spam count

I decided to take a spam count this month. The last time I did this in 1999, the results remained pretty stable from month to month: 28-29% of the mail LG received was spam. I was shocked to discover the rates have reversed.

This month's results are:
Legitimate mail22630%

"Legitimate mail" means all mail sent personally to LG or to The Answer Gang, even those that were sincere but off-topic, as well as press releases for News Bytes and off-topic press releases by companies that normally send stuff to News Bytes. "Spam" includes only bulk solicitations.

And now, on with the spam! (Said to tune of the Red Queen shouting, "Off with her head!")

We wonder if you have any interest in importing tracksuits, windbreakers, shorts, jogging suits and other sports garments from us.


The top Legal Consultant in this industry has just developed a literal cash machine. Now, people in our activity are receiving money from all over the place. $500 into $4,000 virtually overnight. And that's just for starters. Everything is done for you automatically!

[I got a letter in a totally unfamiliar language. Thinking it might be Turkish, I sent it to my friend Gorkem. -Iron.]

Hey Mike,
It is indeed Turkish. In case you want to publish it, I am enclosing a translation :-) It is of course pure spam.

Subject: Re: Cinsel problemlerinize son verebilirsiniz.

Cinsel Problemlere Kalici ve Kesin Cozumler
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Ereksiyon sorunlari, iktidarsizlik, performans arttirma...
Erectile problems, impotency, increasing performance...
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Premature ejaculation problems and penis enlargement techniques
(no operations / no vacuum pumps)
Bayanlarda isteksizlik, orgazm sorunlari ve firijitlik...
Low sexual desire, orgasm problems and frigidity in women
Turk toplumunun yabanci oldugu cinsellik bilgileri ve seks teknikleri...
Sexuality information that is foreign to the Turkish society and sexual techniques

Mutluluklar dilerim.
The wishes of happiness.

We have reviewed several online credit card programs and feel that the XXXXX MasterCard is one of the best for anyone who needs a credit card. With the XXXXXX program you are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED APPROVAL ONLINE. No credit checks and no credit turndowns.

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Local governments in Florida are considering tougher penalties for traffic violators who run red lights.

Should the fines be doubled?

To tell Florida officials what you think, click the following link.

Le nuove estensioni .biz e .info sono state approvate dall ICANN, l'authority che regola il sistema dei nomi di dominio. Entro il 2001 inoltre sarà disponibile anche l' estensione .eu, richiedi il dominio che vuoi adesso, prima che diventi disponibile per la registrazione, con il nostro modulo di richiesta. L'inizio della registrazione ufficiale è previsto per il 17 di agosto nel caso dei domini .info, e per il 31 di ottobre per quelli .biz. Tuttavia già fin d'ora puoi pre-registrare il Tuo nome di dominio, in questo modo la tua richiesta sarà inviata agli enti registranti prima delle altre e avrai cosi più possibilità di ottenere il tuo nome.

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This E-Mail does NOT contain any hype, just facts.

Happy Linuxing!

Mike ("Iron") Orr
Editor, Linux Gazette,

Copyright © 2001, the Editors of Linux Gazette.
Copying license
Published in Issue 68 of Linux Gazette, July 2001
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