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(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

Once again, welcome to the wonderful world of The Answer Gang. The peeve of the month this time is a tie:

We could probably use a few more articles that appeal to corporate users, though! Enough of that, though. Onward to something fun. The fun I took on this month is to upgrade my system.

Oh boy.

Surely I mentioned that I've been on a continuous upgrade path of SuSE since early 5.1? No? Well, okay, I admit, I did a "real" reinstall sometime around 6.1 or so, and then have chugged along on security updates and adding RPMs from the latest 6.x branch for a while. With an occasional graft from Debian packages and source tarballs.

Like any normal user I also have lots of different things I do, so my home directory's a bit messy, I have a few projects here and there, and I haven't been real prissy about which account I use to download general things like cartoons (Hi Shane!) or new kernel sources into. Usually I remember to move them to someplace under /usr/src eventually.

As Piglet was fond of saying, "Whatta... whatta mess."

Surely it would have been easier for me if I hadn't decided to buy an extra hard disk at the same time, discovered that my floppy bay stopped working (p.s. can't boot from my CD. Something to do with it being a SCSI device in an IDE system), and (eek!) was reminded that we'd like to get the column fragments in early this month.

Of course, I was able to abuse about a CD's worth of free disk space to cover for this. I made the extra hard disk a feature rather than more trouble by installing the new setup solely to it.

The install went fine, but it wasn't completely smooth. Here's a few hints if you're plotting an upgrade, and I promise, they don't depend on you using SuSE:

Beyond these normal things, I really needed to get some of these projects into directories of their own, so it's clear where I should put stuff for those things from now on. Rather like ordering the teenager to clean up their room...

Next thing I know the end of the month is approaching, and my dreams of handling TAG at a dreamy summertime pace are dashed again :)

I still think backups are your friend, but at least I didn't need 'em this time. All I need is more RAM and I'm set! The weather is improving and I'm having a great time. So here's those answers -- share and enjoy.

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