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Away Mission - Upcoming in June: SemTech, USENIX, OPS Camp

By Howard Dyckoff

This year, the Semantic Technology conference initiates a long week of overlapping events. Since its hard to jump across the US in a single week, you may have to select a single venue.

Semantic Technology, or SemTech, is moving from San Jose to San Francisco, a cooler clime this time of year. I am looking forward to the change of venue since it saves me from early morning commutes into Silicon Valley. Unless you live in the Valley, this should make it easier to visit SemTech, which is one of the better events to view the state of smart web technology.

Now in its sixth year, SemTech 2010 features five days of presentations, panels, tutorials, announcements, and product launches. The focus this year seems to be on the adoption of Semantic Tech by the government for Open Government and transparency initiatives as well as business uptake in a variety of industries. Among the keynote speakers, Dean Allemang, Chief Technology Consultant at TopQuadrant will speak on the Semantic Web for the Working Enterprise.

SemTech is run by Wilshire Conferences, which also organizes the Enterprise Data World Conference and the annual Data Governance Conference as well as the Semantic Universe publication.

The USENIX Annual Technical Conference comes to Boston the same week and it shares the site with many sub-conferences such as WebApps '10, a new technical conference on all aspects of developing and deploying Web applications. Also happening under the Federated Conferences banner is the 1st USENIX Cloud Virtualization Summit and an Android Developer lab. That's almost enough to make me travel 3000 miles to check it out. Although USENIX events tend to be academically-oriented, they also present the very latest in research and innovation. Its well worth the trip if you live on the Eastern seaboard.

OPS Camp comes to Seattle the same week and Atlanta the week before. Please see the other Away Mission article on OPS Camp and the DevOps Day USA conference on June 25, 2010 in Mountain View, CA. Its all about adding state-of-the-art software engineering technology to Operations and Infrastructure management.

Unfortunately, I will not be recommending the Velocity Conference as O'Reilly has blocked my attendance there and at other O'Reilly events. But the DevOps Day following that conference will probably discuss the ideas presented there and that is a free event. Sign up early so you won't be disappointed.

Finally, the following week brings Cisco Live! to Las Vegas. Since Cisco is building server racks and expanding its Data Center offerings, this is another important IT event. Fortunately, you can get some of the content streamed over the web if you register early. This requires advanced registration as a "Guest".

So pick an event or two, and enjoy the summer.


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Published in Issue 175 of Linux Gazette, June 2010