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Away Mission - Upcoming in May: Citrix Synergy and Google IO

By Howard Dyckoff

This year, Synergy plays in San Francisco, in the neighborhood of Silicon Valley and both VMware and Oracle (and also formerly independent Sun Microsystems.) Last year it was in Vegas, with keynotes available via Web streaming.

Synergy has become a new Virtualization destination since Citrix acquired the primary sponsorship of the Xen virtuallization platform from XenSource, Inc, in October 2007. It is also slowly developing Open Source tendrils.

It was only last year, a few months after Synergy 2009, that Simon Crosby, Citrix's CTO of Virtualization and Management, said, "XenServer is 100% free, and also shortly fully open sourced. There is no revenue from it at all." A further shift in the direction of Open Source is expected at May's event.

Synergy will also offer sessions on VDI - virtual desktop infrastructure. This seems follow along with Cloud Computing and the new internet-based terminal devices: smart phones and netbooks. We may be seeing the re-invention of the Mainframe.

If you’ve attended a previous Synergy conference, you’re entitled to a discount of $600 off the regular registration price. That would be only $1,295 and there is no deadline on that price. Other discounts are based on early registration.

At the Synergy Testing Center you can take a Citrix exam of your choice for free. This can help you pursue a Citrix Certification, including the CCEE and CCIA for Virtualization. The A15 and A16 beta exams are now available exclusively to Synergy San Francisco attendees.

Citrix Synergy-SF May 12-14, 2010. San Francisco, CA

I would also recommend Google I/O 2010; unfortunately, it is closed to new registrations. It filled up within 2 or 3 weeks of registration opening.

The 2010 web developer conference has expanded to include a BootCamp day before the main event, but you have to be already registered for Google IO to gain entrance to the BootCamp. These sessions assume you have no experience working with Google technologies and will be lead by Google developers.

Google I/O features 80 sessions, more than 3,000 developers, and over 100 demonstrations from developers showcasing their technologies.

The word must have gotten out that, besides a well organized conference and great grub, Google bestowed unlocked G-phones on all developer attendees last year. That's a big perk and some of these showed on eBay for over $500 each. Which meant several attendees got their fees covered because...

The cost last year and this year was fairly amazing. Early bird registration fees was $400 USD through April 16th, 2010. If there were space available after April 16th they would have been $500 USD. The Academia (students, professors, faculty/staff) registration fee was $100 USD. Such a bargain!

Of course, with the Iceland eruptions, some Euro guests may have to cancel. Send inquiries to googio2010@gmail.com and follow on twitter @googleio.

Google IO Developer Conference (now closed): May 19 - 20, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

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Published in Issue 174 of Linux Gazette, May 2010