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Away Mission - Recommended for April

By Howard Dyckoff

Spring has sprung and the venerable MySQL User Conference is coming up. That conference is still independent of the Oracle OpenWorld behemoth, partly due to the promises Oracle made to the EU about keeping MySQL alive and independent. But don't blink: the separate focus on the respected Open Source database may not last. So do drop in to see the event and its expo if you have a chance. Expo passes may still be free in early April.

MySQL Conference & Expo 2010
April 12-15, Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

I would also recommend the Linux Foundation's 4th Annual Collaboration Summit - if you can wangle an invite. It is a gathering place for kernel developers and Open Source rock stars, but the sessions are detailed and real collaboration occurs.

The Summit does overlap the MySQL event by 2 days, but it should be possible to catch the opening MySQL keynotes and then attend the Summit for the rest of the week. I would have to rate the food and snacks a bit better at the O'Reilly-run MySQL Conference, and in both cases the company is stellar. At the Summit this would include core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors, and other community organizations. It's geared to collaboration and solutions by bringing together a cross-section of leaders to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today.

Attendees of the CELF Embedded Linux Conference and the LSF '09 Workshop will be automatically approved. Or, just enroll in the LF324 Linux Performance Tuning Linux Training Course and get a free invitation to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit.

Here's the location for the slides from last year's Collaboration Summit:

Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit
co-located with the Linux Forum Embedded Linux Conference
April 14-16, 2010, Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, CA

Finally, I also have to recommend the excellent Emerging Communications Conference, which returns the the San Francisco Airport Marriott again. It has been a cross between a Maker event, an Open Source network event, and something entirely its own.

Slides from the previous event are here: http://www.slideshare.net/ecommconf

eComm - The Emerging Communications Conference
April 19-21, 2010, Airport Marriott, San Francisco, CA

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Published in Issue 173 of Linux Gazette, April 2010