SOLID desktop for Linux offered free of charge to developers

Solid Information Technology Ltd today announced a campaign targeted at the community of Linux developers. Between March and September 1997 Linux enthusiasts will be presented with a free personal version of the robust SQL database engine SOLID Server. Numerous commercial and non-commercial web sites are joining Solid Information Technology Ltd in this program by letting their web visitors download the free SOLID Desktop from their site.

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, comments on the initiative: "This generous offer from Solid is warmly welcomed in the Linux community, and I share the enthusiasm of my fellow Linux developers around the globe. Solid's campaign manifests the mutual benefits commercial and non-commercial groups may have."

"With this campaign we want to show our appreciation of the voluntary efforts that are so characteristic of the Linux community," states Artturi Tarjanne, President of Solid Information Technology Ltd. "In just a few years, Linux has grown from an academic exercise into a commercially viable solution. Today, some of the hottest software development projects on earth are Linux based. Those highly mission-critical systems need a robust, commercial database management system, and we've got it. And if anybody is in doubt regarding the care-free nature of SOLID Server, we offer free technical support until the end of April 1997."

The SOLID Desktop for Linux is offered free of charge for anyone to download from numerous web sites around the world. The licence is for personal and development use. Solid offers free technical support until the end of April 1997. Users can at any time choose to upgrade the software to the commercially available SOLID Server for client/server applications and SOLID Web Engine for web applications. SOLID Server is also available on other Unix systems and on all Windows platforms.

SOLID Server is a unique product by Solid Information Technology Ltd, a privately held innovator of breakthrough database technologies. SOLID Server database components are in embedded use in web sites, diesel engines, elevator control systems, point of sale systems, travel agency systems, sales force automation systems, and many more.

Further information

To download your own copy of SOLID Desktop for Linux, access to find a site near you. Free technical support over e-mail is available until the end of April 1997 at

For other inquiries, please contact Mr Iko Rein, or fax to +358-9-4774 7390. Solid Information Technology Ltd,

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