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[ In reference to "Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System" in LG#124 ]

Ben Okopnik [ben at linuxgazette.net]

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 07:44:50 -0500

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Security can be addressed by using something like puppy linux. Once you get your config worked out you can burn the CD and boot from it. Any compromises can be fixed with a nightly reboot. giving the users qemu or vmware sessions can isolate them and I think you can lock them into those sessions for troubleshooting the other problems try first creating just one change or another, extending the number of possible devices (a-f), or adding extra keyboard, or mouse, etc. one at a time to see when the problem shows up. Any news on this? I'm thinking of using it in my call center if I can work out the bugs. regards dale

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[ In reference to "A (not so) short overview of the Geographic Information System GRASS" in LG#156 ]

Thomas Adam [thomas.adam22 at gmail.com]

Tue, 4 Nov 2008 22:12:17 +0000

I was pleased to see in November's LG an article on GRASS. I've been playing with this for years, and recently bought the third edition of the book:


Which is briliant, in my opinion. I don't use GRASS for anything fancy, but it helps me plot local geological data I collect in my spare time.

Nice article. Good to see it in LG.

-- Thomas Adam

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Jimmy O'Regan [joregan at gmail.com]

Sun, 2 Nov 2008 11:36:44 +0000

Talkback: [LG 86] 2c Tips #20

> This is clearly the wrong Talkback link, but after some serious
> searching of the LG archives, I can't find the source anywhere.

It's here: http://linuxgazette.net/149/misc/lg/alien_tongues.html with this note "This originally had a subject line that allegedly referred to an old LG (issue 86!) tips."

Sorry for the confusion!

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