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Unwanted software

Mike Orr [sluggoster at gmail.com]

Fri, 18 Jan 2008 20:57:56 -0800

Found this in the EULA for MSN Messenger accounts:

Potentially Unwanted Software
If you remove or disable "spyware", "adware"  and other potentially
unwanted software ("potentially unwanted software"), it may cause
other software on your computer to stop working, and it may cause you
to breach a license to use other software on your computer (such as
where the other software installed the potentially unwanted software
on your computer as a condition for your use of the other software).
By using the features of the service intended to help you remove or
disable potentially unwanted software, it is possible that you will
also remove or disable  software that is not potentially unwanted
software. If a feature of the service prompts you before removing or
disabling potentially unwanted software, you are solely responsible
for selecting which potentially unwanted software the service removes
or disables.  Before authorizing the removal of any potentially
unwanted software, you should read the license agreements for the
potentially unwanted software.
LICENSE AGREEMENTS for spyware??? I'm supposed to recognize what kind of spyware has been surreptitiously been installed on my computer, and know where its license agreement is?

Fancy Microsoft discouraging people from eradicating spyware, and threatening them with a potential license violation if they do.

Mike Orr <sluggoster@gmail.com>

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Arabic translation (1)

Rick Moen [rick at linuxmafia.com]

Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:34:52 -0800

Quoting MNZ (mnzaki@gmail.com):

> I'm a native Arabic speaker. I can go through the translated text and
> check it but I'm terrible at actually typing Arabic and I'm not that
> good at it anyway. I'll help with the translation as much as I can. I'll
> start in a few days though because I have some exams right now.

MNZ, shokran jazeelan!

(Sorry, no, I merely spent a couple of days in Alexandria and Cairo. ;-> I'm just another ignorant Yank, about which, please see .signature block.)

Cheers,             The genius of you Americans is that you never make 
Rick Moen           clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves 
rick@linuxmafia.com that make us wonder at the possibility that there may be 
                    something to them that we are missing. --Gamel Abdel Nasser

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Photo Budget

Mike Orr [sluggoster at gmail.com]

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 08:44:21 -0800

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Hello Mike,
How are you? I hope everything has been well for you and Linux
Gazettein 2007. With the end of the year approaching I would like
Linux Gazette to consider spending a portion of your remaining budget
on stock photography from [SITE].
As you may already know [SITE] offers high quality royalty free images
for as little as $1.  It is the perfect solution for art directors,
graphic artists, and marketing professionals looking for creative
royalty free imagery to illustrate such things as magazine ads,
websites, billboards, flyers, and presentations.
Our images are collected from some of the top photographers and
artists around the world, actually over 60,000 of them. With this huge
collection of talent we have built an amazing database of 2.7 million
royalty free images covering all types of categories, subjects, and
Selling "High Quality" images at $1 might sound unbelievable, and
possibly illegal. But I assure you [SITE] does offer beautiful and
legal images at prices starting from $1. So check us out today! [SITE]
If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or you wish to update
your profile, please click here.
--- End forward ---

How did I get a profile when I've never been to [SITE]? But more importantly, this is a great idea! Let's spend LG's entire graphics budget and come up with a spiffy new look!!! Beautiful artwork from world-renowned artists would really increase our circulation. The LG accountant tells me our graphics budget is $0, which should just be enough.

Mike Orr <sluggoster@gmail.com>

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