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MI/X PPC Classic Macintosh X Window server (freeware)

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MI/X PPC Classic Macintosh X Window server (freeware) MicroImages, Inc. (21 October 1998)

NO LONGER POSTED ONLINE by MicroImages - I wish to find a copy to use and to archive

- Martin A. Totusek


MI/X for Macintosh A Professional, Free X Server.

Mac computers run the TNT products http://www.microimages.com/index.htm through the unique MicroImages X Server (MI/X), which MicroImages supplies with every TNT product for Macintosh.

MicroImages is also pleased to make this X Server freely available for Macintosh users who do not have any of the TNT products. You may want to use your Power Macs as X terminals in a network environment -- MI/X works fine as an X terminal emulator. You may also want to make your PC a true X Server and run multiple X clients from your desktop. MI/X works fine there, too -- after all, that's why MicroImages developed MI/X in the first place.

If you can configure a telnet session, you know enough to use MI/X. Since MI/X for the Macintosh is made freely available, MicroImages cannot respond to individual user requests for technical support. However, MicroImages maintains MI/X as the X Server for its line of TNT professional products http://www.microimages.com/index.htm, so you will find MI/X a stable and robust performer.

If you have any questions comments or suggestions regarding MI/X for Macintosh contact us at mix@microimages.com

User Reviews

A free X Window server for Power Macs. It's got all the requisite features - host allow/deny, background configurability, etc. - and comes with twm, although you can use any other window manager.

"Although it was not as easy to configure as come commercial X server software, I was connecting to our UNIX server relatively effortlessly. It's a great tool to have in our computer lab to connect to the workstation for one of our research projects." - Jiro Fujita

"This is an amazing piece of software - especially considering the price. MI/X performs well on my 7200/90 and is very much easier to set up and use than MacX or its reincarnation, Xoftware. I noted a few minor bugs with screen redrawing when using the backing store but on first impression this seems to be a useful and usable X-server." - David Robertson, Programmer, Department of Computer Science, University of Otago

"Works very well, even on older Macs. Used within a primary school to control a Linux gateway from a number of PowerMacs ranging from PM6250 to Rev B iMacs. Currently using it on a 9.2 iBook2 to interact with my x86 Linux server at home." - Brad Macpherson

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