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Two-cent Tip: Solving SVN/SSH compatibility

Suramya Tomar [security at suramya.com]

Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:54:19 -0400

Hey Everyone, This is not really a Tip but a solution to a compatibility issue between SVN and SSH that users might face while updating their system.

I recently upgraded SSH on my system. SSH v 4.3 is the latest version available using apt-get but the latest version available is 4.6p1 so I downloaded the source and compiled it for my system (after uninstalling the original package).

After this I tried using SVN to download the LG repositories to my local system. It downloaded the files successfully but I kept getting the following error message multiple times on the screen:

Killed by signal 15
Did some research and found that the SVN version installed on my system (Ver 1.4.2) had a few compatibility issues with the latest version of SSH. The latest version available in the apt-get repositories is 1.4.2 while the latest version available is 1.4.3. So I compiled and installed the latest version from the source (After removing the original version) and after that the error was fixed.

So if you are installing SSH from source, you should also install SVN from source.

Hope this helps someone.

- Suramya

Name : Suramya Tomar
Homepage URL: http://www.suramya.com

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