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By Thomas Adam

Not The Answer Gang

Sluggo wrote:

% lsd
zsh: command not found: lsd

Pete Jewel wrote:

pete@pete:~$ apt-cache search lsd
kmerlin - Instant messaging (IM) client for the MSN messenger network
libsdl-ocaml - OCaml bindings for SDL - runtime files
libsdl-ocaml-dev - OCaml bindings for SDL - development files
lsdb - The Lovely Sister Database (email rolodex) for Emacs
patchutils - Utilities to work with patches
Hmmm, they all sound like they'd work better on acid :)

Sluggo wrote:
I was just trying to type 'ls'. Really.

Ben wrote:

To: The Answer Gang <tag@lists.linuxgazette.net>
Subject: Test, do not open or read

I *told* you not to read it, didn't I? And did you listen? Boy, I bet
you went right out and played in the mud when your Mom told you not to.
It's kids like you who are responsible for the mess our society is in!

Robos says that his mail to "tag@" got swallowed up, so I'm just
checking. Move along, nothing to see here.

Brad Chapman wrote:
Mr. Okopnik

Ben wrote:
Well, *if* you're going to be formal, you might as well address me by my rightful title - "Your Sublime Imperial Majesty, King of Kings, Ruler of the Known Universe and the Reaches Beyond and the Sun and the Stars, Light of the World, Power of the Trinity, the Earth's Rightful Ruler, Elect of the Gods, as revealed to us in his wondrous person. And, like, just a generally cool dude besides." Or you could just stick with "Ben". Most people find it simpler, for some odd reason.

Brad Chapman wrote:
Like I've said before on this list, I'm polite by default....

Jason Creighton wrote:
Ah, let's see if we can fix that:

~$ bradley --help
Post to MAILING LIST about TOPIC, using OPTIONS.

        -t, --tone=ATTITUDE     ATTITUDE is one of rude, casual or
        polite. Default is polite.
        -w, --witty     Enable "witty" mode. (Note: Not always funny.
        See "BUGS" section of manpage.)

	Report bugs to <kakadu_croc@yahoo.com>
~$ bradley -t casual --witty "Any topic at all" 'tag@lists.linuxgazette.net'

Sluggo wrote:

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 09:04:56AM -0800, Mike Orr wrote:
> Christoph, it would help if you give us some examples of exactly what 
> messages you are saying.  That would help us narrow down which modules

Gosh, am I writing with an Irish accent today?

Ben wrote:
Our Master Blacksmith, Brad, is a Londoner who's been living here in Florida for about 8 years now and has a - ready for this? - Leprechaun Gangsta Rap that could easily result in loss of bladder control. "Eat me Lucky Charrms, bitch, or I'll pop a cahp in yer arse!" He's a bad, BAD man, possibly with a secure future in the world of comedy.

Ben wrote:
The [airport] I've been flying out of, SGJ (Saint Augustine). Let me know, and I'll buy you guys lunch at the Fly-By Cafe; if you do it sometime soon, we can watch the F-86 Sabre doing his rolls and loops...

Thomas wrote:
If you're _really_ lucky, you'll be able to fly by and drop lightly pieces of food into waiting mouths below, assuming the wind is in the right direction. Oh _Fly-By_......

Ben wrote:
Boy, Thomas; no matter how hard I try, I _still_ can't get the point across to you. We lightly drop _flies_ into the waiting mouths, etc. Hasn't your Mum ever mentioned not keeping your mouth open for that very reason? :)

Thomas wrote:
Yeah, but she was too busy fly fishing, Ben. :)


picture I write the recently-revived series "The Linux Weekend Mechanic", which was started by John Fisk (the founder of Linux Gazette) in 1996 and continued until 1998. I'm also a member of The Answer Gang.

I was born in Hammersmith (London UK) in 1983. When I was 13, I moved to the sleepy, thatched roofed, village of East Chaldon in the county of Dorset. I am very near the coast (at Lulworth Cove) which is where I used to work.

I first got interested in Linux in 1996 having seen a review of it in a magazine (Slackware 2.0). I was fed up with the instability that the then-new operating system Win95 had and so I decided to give it a go. Slackware 2.0 was great. I have been a massive Linux enthusiast ever since. I ended up with running SuSE on both my desktop and laptop computers.

While at school (The Purbeck School, Wareham in Dorset), I was actively involved in setting up two Linux proxy servers (each running Squid and SquidGuard). I also set up numerous BASH scripts which allowed web-based filtering to be done via e-mail, so that when an e-mail was received, the contents of it were added to the filter file. (Good old BASH -- I love it)

I am now 18 and studying at University (Southampton Institute, UK), on a course called HND Business Information Technology (BIT). So far, it's great.

Other hobbies include reading. I especially enjoy reading plays (Henrik Ibsen, Chekhov, George Bernard Shaw), and I also enjoy literature (Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin to name but a few).

I enjoy walking, and often go on holiday to the Lake District, to a place called Keswick. There are numerous "mountains", of which "Great Gable" is my most favourite.

I am also a keen musician. I play the piano in my spare time.

I listen to a variety of music. I enjoy listening to Rock (My favourite band is "Pavement" (lead singer: Stephen Malkmus). I also have a passion for 1960's psychedelic music (I hope to purchase a copy of "Nuggets" reeeeaaall soon).

Copyright © 2004, Thomas Adam. Released under the Open Publication license unless otherwise noted in the body of the article. Linux Gazette is not produced, sponsored, or endorsed by its prior host, SSC, Inc.

Published in Issue 100 of Linux Gazette, March 2004

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