Senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator and Programmer

The ideal candidate will be a well-rounded, seasoned, experienced GNU/Linux systems administrator and programmer. (S)he will be intimately familiar with the Free Software community and how it works, and will be more interested in making a substantial contribution to software freedom than obtaining a high salary. Finally, the ideal candidate will have a varied background where (s)he has carried out all kinds of common systems administration and custom programming/scripting tasks.

This is an opportunity to work for the organization that started the GNU project, authored the GPL, and launched the Free Software Movement. The position includes frequent contact with many of the core developers of various GNU software packages.

The job must be worked on-site at FSF's downtown Boston offices. Both a phone interview and an in-person, on-site interview will be required. Relocation expenses are negotiable.

This job is a union position. The salary is fixed at $42,375/year and that is non-negotiable. All union positions receive annual COLAs, based on the CPI for "U.S. City Average". Other benefits include the following:

Systems Administration Tasks: Programming Tasks: Required Experience: Required Technical Skills: Other Required Skills:

This position works in concert as an equal to another full-time, on-site systems administrator. Both positions report directly to the Executive Director.

Resumes and cover letters must be submitted via email to <>. The email must contain the subject line, "Systems Administration Position". Resumes should be attached via MIME in ASCII text or PDF. Cover letters must be in ASCII directly in the body of the email message. Resumes not sent via email or email submissions that do not follow these instructions will be ignored.

Resumes will be accepted until the right candidate is found. Serious applicants are, however, encouraged to submit their resume on or before Tuesday 30 November 2004. We expect to hire immediately upon finding the right candidate.

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