GNU/Linux Technical Support Specialist

Cmed Inc is currently seeking a Technical Support Specialist. The successful applicant will have a considerable amount of experience with (preferably) Debian GNU/Linux and any Perl or Python experience will be beneficial. The applicant will be responsible for the building and configuration of custom appliances as well as servers. The applicant will be based at our New Providence office NJ 07974 United States.

The applicant should have experience with basic network infrastructure and will be expected to assume some network management responsibilities.

The applicant will also be expected to carry out a minimal amount of Windows Desktop support.


  1. Install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain Debian servers.
  2. Install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain remote server installations.
  3. Manage performance tuning and best practices
  4. Plan and maintain backup and recovery for the servers.
  5. Maintain passwords, data integrity and file system security.
  6. Participate in development of information technology and infrastructure projects.
  7. Manage server hardware and software inventory
  8. Will provide end user support for both Employees and Clients.
  9. Some travel to clients locations will be necessary.


  1. 3+ years GNU/Linux based systems administration (Debian Preferred)
  2. Must be familiar with standard network concepts, practices and procedures.
  3. Must communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel.
  4. Good interpersonal skills are essential to job role.


  1. On Call 24x7 for emergencies only.
  2. Must be able to drive to visit clients if necessary.

Salary range is $40k to $60k based on appropriate experience and technical expertise. If you are interested please send your Curriculum Vitae to

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