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	Art Print]

About the Artist

Lissanne Lake has been a professional illustrator and artist for over 15 years. She has done over 80 book covers, mostly in the science fiction and fantasy genres, including covers for Terry Pratchett, Thomas Disch, and Scott Cunningham. She has also done original illustrations for magazines, games, product boxes, record albums, and collectible card games. A tarot deck featuring her work was published in 2001. Her works have been exhibited in numerous gallery shows and she had been the Artist Guest of Honor at many science fiction conventions.

About the Print

This is a print of the original drawing by Lissanne Lake for the cover of our popular GNU Software for MS-Windows and MS-DOS first printed in 1998. The print is the png image on a gray background with white space at the bottom of the image area.

  • Signed by both Lissanne Lake and Richard Stallman in gold ink in the image area.
  • English measurements:
    • Total print size: 10 15/16" wide x 14" tall
    • Image area: 10 15/16" wide x 11 14/16" tall
  • Metric Measurements:
    • Total print size: 27.75 cm wide x 35.5 cm tall
    • Image area: 27.75 cm wide x 30 cm tall
  • Limited edition print not numbered
  • Price $125.00, unframed
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