Texinfo Manual

The GNU Documentation Format

For Texinfo Version 3.11, August 1997. Robert J. Chassell and Richard M. Stallman. Cover art by Etienne Suvasa. ISBN: 1-882114-65-5

The Texinfo manual explains the markup language that produces our online Info documentation & typeset hardcopies.

It tells you how to make tables, lists, chapters and menus, footnotes & indices, and both number and unnumbered sections and appencies, cross references, & how to catch mistakes, as well as table of contents, automatically numbered lists and other parts of an essay, novel, or technical manual.


  1. Overview of Texinfo
  2. Using Texinfo Mode
  3. Beginning a Texinfo File,
  4. Ending a Texinfo File
  5. Chapter Structuring
  6. Nodes
  7. Menus
  8. Cross References
  9. Marking Words and Phrases
  10. Quotations and Examples
  11. Lists and Tables
  12. Creating Indices
  13. Special Insertions
  14. Making and Preventing Breaks
  15. Definition Commands
  16. Footnotes
  17. Conditionally Visible Text
  18. Macros: Defining New Texinfo Commands
  19. Format & Print Hardcopy
  20. Creating an Info File
  21. Installing an Info File


  1. @-Command List
  2. Tips & Hints
  3. A Sample Texinfo File
  4. Sample Permissions
  5. Include Files
  6. Page Headings
  7. Formatting Mistakes
  8. Refilling Paragraphs
  9. @-Command Syntax
  10. How to Obtain Tex

The manual includes a complete short sample Texinfo file. It explains how to typeset and print hardcopy, and how to create and install an Info file.

This second edition describes over 50 new commands and contains 21 chapters, 10 appendices & 2 indexes.

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