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GNU Radius: A Reference Manual

By Sergey Poznyakoff

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188 Pages.
Cover Price: $25.00
October 2003, for Radius 1.1
ISBN 1-882114-69-8
Trade Paper, Perfect Binding
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Master all the customizable features that make GNU Radius great! Design your own authentication and accounting tables with no restrictions. Communicate with MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and non-standard Radius servers. Choose your authentication scheme from the many options available. Use on a single server or run a whole ISP. This manual only assumes basic Unix-like system and networking knowledge, and no previous knowledge of the Radius protocol.

GNU Radius is a server program for remote user authentication and accounting. It is useful in a wide variety of applications from dial-up user services to voice-over IP systems. Designed to handle ISP workloads, it can be scaled for any network that needs a centralized authentication and/or accounting service for its workstations. Use the built-in extension language to write your own special-case rules for parsing and restructuring non-standard terminal server packets. GNU Radius is highly extensible and can be easily adapted to your system's needs.

Several built-in accounting methods:

  • SQL accounting
  • Unix accounting
  • Plain text detailed accounting
  • Or create your own accounting method with your choice of the two built-in extension languages!
A wide variety of authentication methods:
  • User supplied authentication data via answering terminal server login/password prompts
  • PAP or CHAP protocols
  • System or internal database storage of user's personal data
  • SQL or PAM authentication

GNU Radius allows any authentication and accounting table structure, and the system administrator designs Radius's queries used to store and retrieve records. Perfect for creating non-English user interfaces.

About the book:

The manual will allow a novice user to master the GNU Radius system. It assumes the reader has basic knowledge about Unix-like systems and general networking. No knowledge of the Radius protocol is assumed.

About the Author:

Sergey Poznyakoff is the author and maintainer for GNU Radius. He was born in 1970 in Odessa, Ukraine and graduated from the Odessa State Maritime Academy. He works in Odessa as a programmer and system administrator on Unix-like systems, and actively volunteers for several GNU Projects.

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