The GNU C Library Reference Manual

Sandra Loosemore with Richard M. Stallman, Roland McGrath, Andrew Oram, and Ulrich Drepper. Edition 0.09 Draft, last updated 28 August 1999, for Version 2.2 Beta. 1080 pages, 31 chapters and 6 appendices (2 volume set). ISBN: 1-882114-54-X. (The table of contents and index are printed in full in each volume, so the actual page count is over 1100 pages.)

The GNU C library, described in this manual, defines all of the library functions that are specified by the ANSI C Standard, as well as additional features specific to POSIX and other derivatives of the Unix operating system, and extensions specific to the GNU system.

This manual tells you how to use the facilities of the GNU library, including both what Unix refers to as "library functions" and "system calls".


  1. Introduction
  2. Error Reporting
  3. Memory Allocation
  4. Character Handling
  5. String and Array Utilities
  6. Character Set Handling
  7. Locales and Internationalization
  8. Message Translation
  9. Searching and Sorting
  10. Pattern Matching
  11. Input/Output Overview
  12. Input/Output on Streams
  13. Low-Level Input/Output
  14. File System Interface
  15. Pipes and FIFOs
  16. Sockets
  17. Low-level Terminal Interface
  18. Mathematics
  19. Arithmetic Functions
  20. Date and Time
  21. Non-Local Exits
  22. Signal Handling
  23. Process Startup & Termination
  24. Processes
  25. Job Control
  26. System Databases and Name Service Switch
  27. Users and Groups
  28. System Information
  29. System Configuration Parameters
  30. DES Encryption and Password Handling
  31. POSIX Threads


A. C Language Facilities in the Library
B. Summary of Library Facilities
C. Installing the GNU C Library
D. Library Maintenance
E. Contributors to the GNU C Library
F. GNU Library General Public License


  1. Concept Index
  2. Type Index
  3. Function and Macro Index
  4. Variable and Constant Macro Index
  5. Program and File Index

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