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GNU Emacs Manual

by Richard M. Stallman

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564 pages, plus detachable
Quick Reference Card.
Cover Price: $30.00
Fourteenth Edition, April 2000
ISBN 1-882114-07-8
Trade Paper,
Lay Flat Binding
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Emacs is the premier text editor and programming environment for workstations and high-end PCs. This manual tells you how to get started with Emacs, how to write simple messages as well as complex documents, and how to use special modes for editing, compiling, and debugging programs. It also explains how to handle multiple files, directories and windows, and how to customize your environment.

This book picks up where the introductory on-line tutorial included with Emacs ends. It explains the full range of Emacs' power and contains reference material useful to expert users. Appendixes with specific material for Microsoft OS users is included. This book covers many features included in Version 21 Emacs.

About the Author:

Richard M. Stallman is the original author of GNU Emacs and is still its maintainer. He was recently awarded the 2001 Takeda Award for Techno-Entrepreneurial Achievements in Social/Economic Well-Being. He is the founder of Project GNU and the Free Software Foundation.

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