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This page is a roughly designed working page for people actively involved in proofreading for GNU Press. For a more complete introduction to GNU Press, please see our regular home page.

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GNU C Library Manuals Project

The current project is technical and English editing review of the GNU C Library Reference Manual. The manual has been split into 2 separate, stand alone volumes. I would appreciate it if some volunteers would take a moment to give it a holistic look, and see how well the split was made. Does a book feel like it is "missing" something? Does information not flow correctly?

Please go to the following URLs for a copy of the two manuals. It is available in both original Texinfo type-formatting version (as one very large text file), and as a PDF version. Texinfo Versions
Book One
Book Two

PDF Versions
Book One
Book Two

For those who would like to see the single-volume version as a reference, Click Here.

On-line resources for Documentation Standards

A draft version of a Style Guide for GNU Documentation
PDF format
Texinfo format

The program GCC has it's own protocol manual. Please check for technical terminology standards specific to this manual.

Click Here for the section of the Free Software Foundation's general coding standards relating specifically to documentation.

Our preferred standard for documentation formatting is the simple but powerful language Texinfo. It is a front-end for Donald Knuth's TeX, like it's younger and more famous sibling, LaTeX. Click Here to see the on-line manual for Texinfo.

Richard M. Stallman’s Information for Maintainers Manual is not completely germane to this level of development, but technical editors might like to take a look at it.

General background: A copy of The Free Documentation License, which covers this manual.

FSF & GNU inquiries & questions to Other ways to contact the FSF.

Comments on these web pages to, send other questions to

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